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Comment Re:Ubuntu is hit or miss (Score 1) 636

I agree that it's hit or miss. My install took an extra 45 minutes, because I was using a KVM cable, and Ubuntu couldn't figure out the monitor specs, so it defaulted the resolution. Once I got that worked out, I got the real KVM working, so now I can run virtual systems on the kernel. So, I have Ubuntu with Windows XP running virtual (the only reason for XP is Visual Studio, because sometimes I need to compile stuff for Windows). All in all, it's a good system, but I may need to duel boot to do graphics work for Windows systems. No virtual OpenGL support.

Submission + - captured by domainsquatter

kreegee writes: "One or two hours ago, the german domain-registry denic seems to have made one big mistake: it allowed an owner-change of — it know belongs to some "M. Rusteberg" which uses it to display another search engine. (looks like a scam)"
PlayStation (Games)

Submission + - PS3 In Stock; Possible Sign of Weaker Demand

freshmoon7 writes: Sony's Playstation 3 game console can be found in over one half of video game retailers, according to a new report, while Nintendo's Wii game machine can be found in a few stores, a sign that demand may be weakening. A report from American Technology Research said on Monday that 58 percent of the 150 stores that it surveyed had Sony's next generation game system in stock, while only 3 percent had the Wii, Paul McNealy of American Technology research said

Submission + - Google Auto-Suggests Social Security Number

Dotnaught writes: "In a story about Google's recent security lapse with its anti-phishing blacklist, InformationWeek reports some odd behavior from the Google Toolbar. "Entering two keywords related to Social Security numbers — call them 'x' and 'y' so as not to compound the problem — into the Google Toolbar will produce a keyword search suggestion in the form 'x y John Doe.' Selecting the suggested search terms and name, as might be expected, generates a search results page with the named person's Social Security number. A spokesperson for Google said the company's engineers didn't have an immediate explanation for the auto-generated suggestion, that it was probably an aberration and that the suggestion would likely be removed.""

Submission + - Food Network using subliminal advertising?

spoco2 writes: "Is the Food Network using subliminal advertising now? From the always interesting Something Awful forums comes this interesting nugget:

"I was sitting around waiting for Battlestar Galactica this evening watching Iron Chef America. I had seen the commercials for tonight's episode, and it looked neat so I set it up to record. Towards the end, when they're going over the iron chef and the challenger's entries a McDonalds logo popped up for a single frame."
There's a video of the offending portion."

Submission + - 5 sins of Vista

sproketboy writes: Interesting article discussing 5 major usibility flaws in Vista that weren't there before. Is Windows getting worse — not better over time?

Submission + - No surround sound gaming for Vista

An anonymous reader writes: CNET UK reports: "Windows Vista will not support surround sound or EAX audio on [the majority of] PC games. Nor will DVD surround sound be possible unless users splash out on expensive playback software". The news co-incides with EA's announcement of its ALchemy software which provides a workaround — provided you buy an expensive X-Fi sound card and download the special software.

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