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Submission + - Email that's Spam Harvester-Proof... Seriously

Slimtreeshadow writes: "Here's a method to publish emails embedded in links. The system opens a web page w/ the encoded URL and then sends a mailto to your client of choice. Has anyone seen something like this? He claims the system is totally harvester proof. Quote:

While in the hospital a short time ago (urgent abdominal surgery), I had a lot of time to meditate and imagine without the pressures of day-to-day business intruding. And I figured out how to do it. The system is harvester-proof. No doubt. The email address can not even be harvested by manually clicking on the link. The system never discloses the real destination email address to any party, robot or human...

Click this link to try it:

The link can be on web pages, in emails, used in news groups, even published off-line in newspapers or on highway billboards, just like any other URL.

When the link is clicked, two things happen:

(i) your email program opens a new email form or window with the "To" and possibly other fields pre-filled, and

(ii) your browser opens a web page. Depending on your browser, the web page will be blank or it will contain normal web page content.
The full post is here."

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