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Comment Re:The thing that has made great superhero movies. (Score 1) 640

Um, the issue here is that they are two completely different stories. One is a graphic novel and the other is a comic book - in no universe should they be considered the same thing... ever.

Personally, I don't want directors and studios to pander to 13 year olds and try and shoe horn a great story into a crappy rating... what I want them to pander to is my inner 13 year old. I want to see comic book movies that are built for my adult self but lend themselves to what I used to read as a 13 year old. And my adult self doesn't want fluff. I want the stories I read as a kid played out in a manner that my brain remembers them now and wants to see them... visceral, real, exciting, full of depth.

Comment Re:Linux on PS3? (Score 1) 425

I have to agree with numbski on this one. I am working on 9 years out in online development and have internally analyzed this situation because I can see senior dev architects that have years on me working exponentially harder. I, personally, see individuals that were educated in generations before me working much harder than I ... they want to know why it works, how it works, how they can re-make it better. They ask the right questions instead of complaining that it isn't built right or able to place a definition of 'good' on its attributes. Then I look at the generations coming up and in the work force now and they make up all that is lazy. I realize and see that my generation is less "let's learn why it doesn't work" and go-getter than previous gens and I also see the kids coming up and pray my security in this world will not be dependent on the technology and programs they are going to develop.

The thing is, who is to blame? I blame us... every other geek out there, every maniacal dot-com geek who knew profit and gain could be made from flooding the market with dump, stupid dump. Dump that makes people lives easier... I blame diarrhea code producing WYSIWYG editors, I blame faceBook, I most definitely blame mySpace, I blame napster, shareBear, AIM. I blame user centric desktop systems, I blame tech support and systems build in office conference rooms around words like user friendly, user experience, group penetration (ta-hehe) and behavior models. What happened to the good days when we had to work for the crap we wanted online? I blame every 2000 douche with a VC account that knew they could ring profit and gain from developing every possible tool and program that we can think of to deliver information, easy of use, communication and all done with a first release non-buggy stamp on it. Most of all I blame text messaging - seriously, full words people.

Younger generations expect it (whatever it may be) put in their hands - for it to work effortlessly and if they have to bend their mind a bit to make the thing function properly they run and tell mommy that it doesn't work and they need a new one. There is no concept of what else could this be user for, what else could I do with this, how can I purge a few more cool functions from this?

There is a learning curve that is growing so large that one day it will become a tsunami and it is going to crash down on the US' ability to produce a meaningful work force. I don't see our world imploding because of some slaptard with an explosive and a weeks worth of fear - I see our country failing it's self. We are building drones who have no work ethic... no desire to work for their knowledge, no "this is needed to get where I want to go". Everything should be shiny, new and disposable - and yet they cry when they realize their work ethic is disposable... We have given them to tools to be utterly lazy instead of making them build the tools to be make themselves lazy.

I think I started a rant when I didn't want to start a rant... sorry. And this is totally off topic, but to bring it back... my PS3 gets #1 position in the bed before my GF. She gets to sleep at the foot of the bed.

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