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Comment Re:Poor QA is the problem (Score 1) 432

Oddly, my old Honeywell thermostat had way more problems than the Nest that replaced it. It would frequently turn on heat or AC and leave it on regardless of temperature. Replacing the batteries did not help. Replaced the thermostat and about a year later the new one did the same thing. Junk.

I chose a Nest for one reason. The job I had at the time involved lots of travel, sometimes with limited or short notice. I also live in a climate that gets very hot in the summer and *VERY* cold in the winter. A regular programmable thermostat is utterly useless in that situation as I didn't have a regular schedule to program. You end up either leaving the temperature set to whatever is comfortable all the time or else coming home to a hot or cold house. Since I got the nest 3 years ago, my utility bills have gone down 25% and I have the ability to, from my phone, turn off "Away" mode an hour before I get home and the house is comfortable when I get there. If I forget, it's no biggie and the heat or AC turns on when I walk in the door with no buttons to press or no manual mode switch to accidentally leave on.

I had a Nest for several years in an older house. It was pretty good and I only had a few problems with the 'charge by thermostat loop' power system it uses. But nothing that wasn't fixable with some extra wiring. That was right up to last year when it stopped heating at 11pm on a 20deg F night. I have to give kudos to Nest support, who was on the phone to help me diagnose it for about 45minutes in the middle of the night. Unfortunately, they gave me an option to try and run it, but sent me a replacement unit 2 day shipping. They said installed unit might not work and I may have to swap it out for another thermostat until the replacement came. It didn't work about 4 hours later and I had to swap the thermostat. I really liked the remote access, but I never did swap the new Nest they sent me back to that house.

Comment Re:Poor QA is the problem (Score 1) 432

For me it is the batteries that are the issue. You have a device that takes power in your home and it uses batteries?
Really why is this not hard wired to power with a battery backup?

The Nest is 'hardwired' with batteries... It's a device that can charge it's internal batteries off the thermostat loop. As long as things are working, it behaves largely like a wired device (because it is.)

Or weren't you talking about the Nest? I'm a little confused about your point...

Comment Re:Why did they need FAA's permission? (Score 2) 95

Good question, maybe it's just because in this day of worrying about drones they wanted to be extra careful. They shouldn't have had any trouble under 400 ft, but 100mph can be an issue. It also depends on where they are located to do the testing. They mention that they must stay in contact with the FAA probably means they are close enough to an airport or area with controlled airspace. So they are probably just getting pre-approval to stay out of trouble and reduce the risks they will cause an incident with aircraft.

Comment Re:Still better than that malware Android (Score 1) 169

Of course, if said iOS device was jailbroken, then the malware could get way more information because the sandbox would be broken.

Actually, not always... Not all jailbreaks remove app sandboxing by default. They allow the user to pick apps that can be allowed access outside the sandbox, but they don't have to remove app sandboxing for all apps. (But it depends on which jailbreak we are talking about. There have been versions that remove all sandboxing.)

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