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Comment Between a rock and a hard place? (Score 1) 489

So they're saying we can either let companies define how the internet should run/work or let the government decide how the internet should run/work. But since either way, you have someone deciding, you should choose us instead of someone else?

Couldn't I make the same rationale about facism? "Look, I know you don't like us trying to take over and enforcing facism. But if you're petitioning your government to be against facism, that's just having a small group of people decide what's better for everyone, which is already facism. So you might as well accept our facism."

Come to think of it, I could probably use the same rationale for being blackmailed, being taken hostage...

Comment Am I missing something? (Score 1) 153

" Modifying game software may involve the creation of a derivative work, in the form of a new version of the game that will play without a server authentication check or one that connects to new matchmaking servers. It may also involve the making of intermediate copies while reverse-engineering authentication mechanisms or server communication protocols. These copies and modifications are made in order to access the functionality of lawfully acquired software." This is saying that it could entail reverse engineering, but possibly not as well. This sounds like modifying the source and recompile or making a service that mimics/mirrors the auth server or the game server. Why did this become all about hacking all of the sudden?

Comment As someone going through a CS program (Score 1) 681

in a non ivy-league school... Yeah, that sounds about right. Not sure that ivy-league CS majors would do any better because CS isn't taught with since science but logic and algorithms. That's not to say my classmates are apt code writes (most of them are not), but we definitely are not taught physical, chemical or other what's traditionally known as sciences. Really though, if commenters really want to be pick apart statements like that, they'd ignore the speaker's background and see if the statement itself holds true based on facts alone.

Comment Just because you don't know how to computer (Score 1) 283

Help? They set up a website. Just because we know how to type a URL into an address bar and not the search bar and know to read the page to find the comment section, doesn't mean they gave unfair help. Just because they made sure that their website is working properly in what it's suppose to be doing, doesn't mean they helped the other side. Besides, isn't making sure the minority is heard affirmative action? Aren't republicans against affirmative action?

Comment the actions of a few (Score 2) 165

"Out of over 9,000 staffers in the House, should we really be banning this whole IP range based on the actions of two or three? " Tell that to voter fraud bills, the claim of "welfare queens" and not allowing female reproductive rights because "some use it to be promiscuous". Not so fun now that it's on the other foot, is it? However, unlike those claims, they do have control of AND responsibility over their entire network. This IP ban is standard practice for IT security. If they can't secure their network, then they don't deserve access to the server. Access to servers are a privilege, not a right.

Comment an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. (Score 3, Insightful) 205

I do have a to agree in that the current development style/strategy (agile development) is less geared towards solid development and more on features and getting stuff out there. I think the article is just saying that they should do less of pushing out features and new things and more on good programming/fix known bugs. Of course putting out a bugless program is near impossible, but there's a difference in better prevention versus better clean-up.

Comment Re: Price Wars (Score 1) 364

yeah, this is what I thought they were doing. As big as verizon and comcast's data centers are, there's no way that they colo all of the data of all the content that netflix hosts. Not with the advantage of virtualized servers is allowing for caching and peering so that everyone, coming from different providers can still get the same content. That's not to mention that all the mentions of the deals between comcast and netflix mentioned direct peering, not colocation. http://arstechnica.com/busines... "News of a paid peering deal comes two days after a traceroute showed that the two companies were exchanging traffic with each other directly."

Comment Re:Price Wars (Score 1) 364

Wait... since netflix has direct connection to verizon, and I doubt netflix's amazon cloud servers discriminate between comcast and verizon connections. And if there is a slow down and it's only on verizon customers, why do you think it's netflix that undersized the connections? I mean, sure netflix could, but it would simpler and easier solution is that they didn't. Besides, if verizon is providing the bandwidth they said they did, instead of threatening to sue, why don't they just show logs/graphs of how much data is being pushed through and how fast. I'm sure they have splunk or cacti graphs somewhere.

Comment I'm fine with it if they sue facebook, myspace... (Score 2, Interesting) 202

any and all podcast grabbers, twitter, flicker, friendster, eharmony... let's see... what other social/popular sites do people keep tell me to join.... There needs to be a law where if you are going to sue for tech patent infringement, you need to sue all the companies that have infringed at once or none at all.

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