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Submission + - The Entire Web Gets A Guide With Live Matrix (techcrunch.com)

An anonymous reader writes: Live Matrix launched at Tech Crunch Disrupt today. Live Matrix is the guide to the Scheduled Web and is currently indexing more than 80,000 events a week. The Live Matrix algorithm then looks over these events for things such as number of people who are concurrently watching to determine the popular ones. This, in turn, gives each event a rating, similar to a Nielsen rating for television.

Submission + - Handling Interviews after being a Fall Guy

bheer writes: "Salon's Since You Asked column is carrying an interesting question right now — what do you say in interviews after getting fired as a fall guy at your last job? Cary Tennis, who writes the column, admits he may not be the best person for this sort of question. So I thought I'd ask Slashdotters what they thought about this. Software developers are sometimes able to get away blaming the business requirements/analysis process, but anyone with any experience in this business probably has had nightmares about being the fall guy and may even have a strategy or two up their sleeve. How would deal with being in such a crummy position?"

Comment Remote Start (Score 4, Interesting) 429

One not-so-obvious answer may be that the owner had fitted the vehicle with a remote-start system or a 3rd party alarm. In most cases when this is done with RFID enabled vehicles, they have to override the RFID system. The hack to get around this high-tech security? Stick a key under the dash within range of the receiver. This would allow most remote start systems to then work.

If the owner had done this and perhaps the perps had witnessed the victim using the remote-start vehicle, then they had a good target.

Yes, I read the article and read about the back doors, but there's another situation where owners are willfully overriding security systems in order to get the functionality that they want and the manufacturer doesn't give them. Sound familiar?

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