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Comment Re:The real questions should be different (Score 1) 379

Why does it matter how much water a dishwater uses? The water comes from a river, goes through the water treatment plant, is piped out to homes, is piped back to the sewage treatment plant, then is returned to the river. If it's cheaper to just process more water than it is to decrease water usage, why not just go that route? This is very different from agricultural uses where much of the water evaporates or is transpired by the plants.

So, what is the problem? I don't get it.

Comment Re:Just so long as.... (Score 1) 413

As a percentage of GDP, federal tax revenue has been lower than 2001 spending for every year except 2006 and 2007. Expenses have, of course, been even higher. But this suggests that even sustainable spending at 2001 levels requires raising federal tax revenues.

Comment Re:Don't blame the software, blame the government (Score 1) 105

This has been proposed a lot recently. It was the real hope for a grand bargin between Republicans and Democrats. However, the sticking point was whether the change would be revenue neutral. Republicans demanded it be dropped by at least as much as was saved, Democrats wanted to drop the tax rate by less than what would be saved in exemptions and credits.

Comment Re:enhance your shopping experience? (Score 1) 198

There are a few clever ways you could get around tagging produce items individually. One would be to put an id tag on bags, and track the contents of the bags in the store computer system. You could integrate that with the weighing process, perhaps, to streamline it.

You're right that there's a few tricky spots, and it's not perfectly clear how it would best be handled. Nevertheless, I think if you can get tags cheap enough, it would be a great application.

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