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Comment Suddenly I.... (Score 1) 517

Bought stock in a company that God told me was a sure bet, though I never bought stock before.

Also, three of the newest Sony BMG albums, though I have never heard of any of the bands before today and haven't bought an album in a decade.

Fake Viagra at a bulk discount, though I have no erectile problems and for some reason I was talking to myself in a Russian sounding accent -weird-

This was all going pretty weird until suddenly I snapped out of it after I told myself to shove it when I suggested to myself that I needed to buy a copy of Vista, install it, and let automatic updates run, UAC run unedited, and buy a copy of the new Office to boot!!

I obviously needed to seek professional help, so I will talk to you guys after I go to these self healing seminars at this time share I was telling myself about (they even have a raffle!)

Just you wait my friend until this is used for advertising purposes. The really scary part is if they could possibly replicate your own voice, would you be able to tell the difference of cognitive thought process and somebody injecting your own voice into your thoughts? This also is VERY VERY dangerous when talking religious fanatics of any type, to be able to play "The Voice of God" just not cool (but could win wars....)

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