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Submission + - Anti-Whaling Superboat Sinks in Antarctic

Hugh Pickens writes: "AFP reports that anti-whaling activists vowed to fight on after their high-tech superboat sank in Antarctic seas following a collision with a Japanese ship. The Sea Shepherd conservation group claims to have saved hundreds of whales by chasing the Japanese fleet over a six-year campaign as Japan hunts the animals using a loophole in a 1986 international moratorium which allows "lethal research", defying regular protests from Australia, New Zealand and the Netherlands. Peter Hammarstedt, first officer of the Sea Shepherd group's "Bob Barker" ship, said the celebrated "Ady Gil" was abandoned in the Southern Ocean after a tow line snapped. "At this point unfortunately the Ady Gil is on the bottom of the Southern Ocean," says Hammarstedt. The futuristic trimaran, which held the round-the-world record, had several meters of its front end sheared off in the collision with a Japanese security vessel on Wednesday as footage of the incident showed the "Shonan Maru 2" ploughing across the New Zealand-registered Ady Gil's bow and firing water cannon while its crew dived for safety. "Last time we saw the Ady Gil, the entire engine room was fully submerged in water as well as the fuel tanks," says Hammarstedt. "It was going down pretty quickly. Captain Pete Bethune estimated two to three hours before being fully submerged. At that point we decided to take up the hunt for the whaling fleet again.""

Submission + - Intel launches Wi-Di (pcpro.co.uk)

Barence writes: Intel has launched a new display technology called Wi-Di at CES. Intel Wireless Display (Wi-Di for short) uses Wi-Fi to wirelessly transmit video from PCs running Intel's latest generation of Core processors to HD television sets. Televisions will require a special adapter made by companies such as Netgear — which will cost around $100 — to receive the wireless video signals. Intel also revealed its optical interconnect technology, Light Peak, will be in PCs "in about a year".

Submission + - San Francisco's sea lions end their 20-year stay (bbc.co.uk)

hoggy writes: According to the BBC:
'The famous sea lions of San Francisco's Fisherman's Wharf have disappeared after 20 years — leaving experts baffled as to why.
Last month, Pier 39 groaned under the weight of some 1,500 of the animals. But now all but a few have swum off bringing to an end a two-decade long sojourn — and one of the world's smelliest tourist attractions. ... Officials hope the departure is only temporary — as a 20th anniversary party had been planned for 15 January. ... One more outlandish theory is that their departure is the sign of an imminent earthquake.'
My theory is that they just hate parties.

Comment Re:Code format (Score 1) 580

How you edit is not important, how the team you are part of all edit is. By making lines 160 characters long you force everyone to have to code the same way you do.

Well, no developers on my team have windows that narrow that they require 80 chars per line to fit. In fact, all of them have a 24" monitor, and normally code full screen. Now what?

Comment Re:Atheists Unite... as a religion (Score 1) 845

I think Dawkins' concept of the selfish gene is a more accurate portrayal - an organism's goal is to propagate it's own DNA.
If it is beneficial to kill off the competitors, then that is the nature of the beast. If it is of benefit to have some level of cooperation with the tribe to eventually help propagate ones' own DNA, then the beast has become a little bit more civilized..
It is not a given of evolution that an individual organism looks to benefit the species. It can work out that way, but it's not a rule/law of evolution.


Submission + - The Ultimate Mobile Weather Lab (weatherevents.net)

gcams writes: "I wanted to share a piece of geekery I'm quite proud of. Throughout 2009 I've been building, testing and debugging, what I believe to be the UK's first mobile weather lab. The modified Toyota Rav4 sports an inbuilt 7 meter retracting pneumatic mast, resilient and load-sharing 3G uplinks, a 3 megapixel weathercam and Vaisala weather station instrument module. The lab can run for over 100 hours autonomously thanks to a low-power onboard embedded Linux system, which feeds data and images onto an internet based server for presentation."

Submission + - Twitter Bans 'Obvious' Passwords 1

Hugh Pickens writes: "President Obama and CNN reporter Rick Sanchez were among dozens of Twitter accounts compromised in January, 2008 after hackers managed to crack their passwords, forcing Twitter to reevaluate its sign-up process and technologies. Now bloggers have discovered that Twitter has a list of banned passwords when new users sign up for the service which is embedded in the source code of the page itself. Banned terms include commonly chosen generic passwords, such as “123456”, “password” and “password1”, as well as car names (“porsche”, “ferrari”) and football teams (“Chelsea”, “arsenal”). Perhaps predictably for a website popular with technology fans, science fiction terms figure in the list too. “THX1138”, the title of the first feature film directed by George Lucas of Star Wars fame, is banned, as is “NCC1701” – the registry number of Star Trek’s starship Enterprise – and “trustno1”, which was Fox Mulder’s password in The X-Files."

Submission + - Secure File Transfer with windows/.Net hosting? 4

galego writes: "I've done a variety of web development at work and at home. I'm thinking of getting a .Net hosted account to do some work with that. One of the things I always look for when looking at hosting companies is a secure (well, encrypted that is) form of file transfer. For Windows/.Net hosting, are there any good options out there? I've looked around some and I don't really see any so far. I tried once to set up sftp on windows on a system at work (that is without paying for some custom/proprietary version), and it didn't go so well. Some *n*x hosting companies don't offer sftp, but if they allow ssh, then I can at least use scp. I'm not seeing anything equivalent with Windows/.Net hosting ... suggestions?"

Submission + - Time Warner and Fox reach a deal (pcmag.com)

adeelarshad82 writes: Time Warner Cable and Fox have reached an agreement that will keep the network's channels on the cable network. The issue was the licensing fees that Time Warner paid to Fox in order to broadcast its programming. Fox insisted on a fair increase in the licencing fee of 300%. Warner argued that in today's competitive age, a fee increase like this, which will eventually end up being a burden for customers, will only drive them away. The deal covers Fox television stations, Fox Broadcasting (Fox), Fox Cable Networks, and Fox's regional sports programming. It also includes Bright House Networks and its 2 million cable subscribers. Exact terms were not disclosed.

Submission + - Man Shot by Police in Home of Danish Cartoonist

dexmachina writes: More than four years later, the Danish cartoonist behind the famous Muhammad caricature is still a target. Kurt Westergaard, along with his wife and grandchild, was attacked in his home yesterday by a 28-year-old Somali man, alleged by the Danish Security and Intelligence Service to have ties to al-Qaeda. Police shot the intruder in the arm and leg and apprehended him. Jyllands-Posten, the newspaper that originally published the cartoon, carried a statement from Westergaard. He writes that, while he had feared for his life, he has "turned fear into anger and indignation".

Submission + - China Arrests Thousands in Internet Porn Crackdown (reuters.com)

Clandestine_Blaze writes: Chinese police have arrested 5,394 people — with another 4,186 criminal cases in the works — in one of the largest crackdowns on Internet porn in the country. Even more arrests were expected in 2010, according to the Ministry of Public Security's website (In Chinese or Google translated into English). According to the Reuters article on the crackdown, one of the justifications was that the pornography was 'threatening the emotional health of children.'

From the English translation of the Ministry of Public Security's website linked above, it appears that certain provinces are also offering 1,000 yuan and 2,000 yuan awards, per person, for reporting illegal websites to the Government.

Submission + - What department should handle mobile phones? 2

An anonymous reader writes: I am in a mid sized company (200 employees) and our IT department does not currently handle cell phones. Traditional land line phones having been quickly moving into the IT realm with technologies like VOIP but cell phones don't seem as obvious to management. I am having trouble convincing my company that as cell phones are becoming more like computers and less like phones and thus they should be managed by IT. Not only can they pose a risk to our networks but I am worried that if I don't get control of them soon, decisions and contracts will be made that will lock us into a technology dead end or be costly down the road to remedy. To me it seems obvious that mobile phones need to be managed by IT but the longer we wait the bigger the mess will be that I will have to clean up when they eventually do get put in the IT department.

What do you think and what department handles mobile/cell/wireless phones in your company?

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