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Comment Re:Thanks Obama! (Score 1) 214

One industry can be booming while others aren't, because they aren't. It all stems from the shifting of priorities and money. It is the boom and bust cycles that everyone should eventually see as a constant with Capitalism. Money is removed from a specific industry during boom times and paid out to investers (the wealthy, predominantly) instead of being banked in order to allow the industry to better weather the bust times. The non-wealthy eat the losses through cuts and other scale-backs within the industry while the wealthy are not and are taking more money from them in another industry's boom time. So, while you may be doing well now, know that your time will come again when your industry cycles back to bust unless you are among the few that make money through money and not real work.

Comment Re:A homemade 6809 (Score 1) 857

I bought my 800XL as a kid from a neighbor friend. His grandparents had bought it for him as a Christmas present, and he eventually lost interest. I scored a great deal. I probably was 13 at the time and am not sure how I could have had enough money to pay the hundred or so dollars I remembered it costing. The computer showed me that the path I was on to becoming a world known professional athlete slash rockstar was the wrong one. Ha! I keep saying that I need to pull the 800XL and VCS out of the boxes and take a ride back to the good old days. I have been saying this for years. Maybe one day.

Comment Re:Welp, that makes my decision. (Score 1) 124

ease dropping gps device

GPS and location services are disabled on my phone, and I am one of the few that isn't on the add-on Apps bandwagon. So, it is just my carrier and the NSA that are tracking me and must do so only via the cell towers. I have accepted this as a necessary trade off.

Comment Re:Condo rules (Score 1) 160

It probably will be your neighbors that report the infraction to the HOA. It is these folks that, while coming and going, will see the work being done in a shared parking lot. Your neighbors likely know that the navy blue Accord belongs to Condo 2B even if they don't know you.

HOA have the ability to fine home owners here, and the fine doesn't have to be administered while the car is in service. A reporting neighbor only needs to take a photo or two for proof for including with the submission. HOA also have the ability to kick the owner out. Granted, this wouldn't be easy or cheap, legally, so it probably won't happen most places.

Rules don't only exist to annoy and inconvenience. A rule not followed is a step by the group toward chaos. People should either stick to the rules or work through the system to change the rules. This is a pretty basic tennant of community living.

Comment Re:And, I might start buying more from them again. (Score 1) 183

I think Amazon has enough people defaulting now to them as their only [online] retailer and looking no where else for better deals. They can sell for higher pricing to people not looking elsewhere. This has come from the major shift to online shopping and their sheer dominance in the space. I certainly check their site first. It has also been helped along by the belief that so many have that they are getting free two day shipping through Prime. For those not utilizing the other features of Prime such as streaming TV programming, shipping has been prepaid and is, thus, not actually free until enough purchases have been made over the membership year. In my experience, Prime pricing often is enough higher that the so-called free is even less so. They've exposed their pricing pseudo-scam by showing all of the other sellers along side their pricing.

Comment Be ad-free by getting back to POP3 and a local... (Score 1) 81

Be ad-free by getting back to POP3 and a local email client. The ads are there, because web mail is used. I pull 180+ mailboxes into Outlook on my Windows box and have been doing so without ads just fine for a long time. The domain is mine with email services provided along with its hosting. My iPhone is configured to use a few of these so that I have mail on the go, and I could add more. For those that must have the option of web mail as a client, use IMAP instead so that the mail remains on the server until deleted by a client. Perhaps I am the exception and that today's mainstream user has a real need to check email on many devices, and this is why web mail makes sense.

Comment Re:Facebook use plummets during business hours (Score 1) 116

While I do agree that animation can add something useful and meaningful to the words-based content, I'd rather see pages and sites like your example clearly show at the top buttons/links for simple and wiz-bang versions of the page in place of their providers only coding to the wiz-bang style. It should be the wiz-bang that is the linked alternative to simple version. In your example, neither of the animation contributed anything needed to the work that couldn't be sufficiently convey through a static image. The animation and fade-in/fade-out background photo just made the piece more artsy and/or "cool".

Comment Re:Facebook use plummets during business hours (Score 1) 116

I already had this set to false, and the setting either doesn't apply to all ways HTML5 video is utilized or Firefox extended the functionality to cover more/everything as some point since I first started seeing Flash replaced with HTML5 video and became annoyed enough to go looking for a way to stop the auto-play.

Like several other controls, this should be configurable within the Preferences dialog so that non-technical and less-technical folks can find it and not need to go digging in About:Config. Regardless, it should default to False.

Comment Re:Facebook use plummets during business hours (Score 2) 116

Yes, it is CLICK-TO-DOWNLOAD-AND-PLAY that I actually want. A video shouldn't be downloaded until the user has clicked such a button. Instead, the website should code in a image such as frame one of the video with a watermark showing something like "click to view video" that is displayed in the browser instead to allow the site's layout and structure to be maintained.

Comment Re:Facebook use plummets during business hours (Score 1) 116

Dealing with browser noise by muting the computer as you've suggested isn't a solution for those that need or want to hear audio from other browser windows and/or applications. I listen to music as I work through headphones at the office and without them while at home. While Facebook's move here doesn't affect me directly since I am one of the five people not on the Social Media bandwagon, other entities will surely jump on board with them and will be yet another pain for me in time.

Comment Re:Facebook use plummets during business hours (Score 5, Insightful) 116

While you may be correct, all videos, audio, and animated image formats should be click-to-play by default. The move to HTML5 video and audio has been especially annoying for me, because Firefox seems to not support this simple functionality. It is way overdue. My preference is for the elements to not be downloaded until I click play. This isn't limited to ad-related content. A lot of articles, news or not, include video clips that aren't needed since the words are sufficient.

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