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Comment Re:The more hated windows 10 is (Score 1) 234

The problem here is that the Linux version is 150$ more expensive.

Who cares? Save yourself the money and install it yourself. The XPS models seem very Linux friendly. I'm happy with my 9550. Install was smooth, everything works out of the box.

Or, pick up a *nix friendly laptop from one of the *nix friendly vendors out there?

Comment Re:stfu and learn noob (Score 3, Informative) 72

Yeah, that one piece of malware is a real pain.

Yes, malware for OSX and iOS does exist. It is very possible. But the problem seems to be about the same size as malware for Linux at this stage. By that I mean there is very little of anecdotal evidence of widespread, active malware in the wild targeting OSX, iOS and Linux. The same can't be said for Windows.

So far I've never been hit on OSX, iOS or Linux. I've had plenty of Windows machines go down in flames though. I still have friends of family for which this is a fairly regular occurrence. Even myself, I had a fully patched Windows VM just for testing websites in IE. No antivirus installed. Visited some legitimate news and html/css sites... Boom. Malware installed.

Comment Time to ban Anonymous Coward? (Score -1, Offtopic) 109

First up... Thank you for Rake, Jim. It is a great tool and I can only imagine how many tasks a day are fired off with Rake. Not to mention that you were an active member of the programming world, and a great person by all reports. You will be missed by many.

Many of you may not have heard of Jim Weirich, but that isn't the point. Through the fog of your low IQ and ignorance, you may have gleaned that someone who contributed a widely used feature for a programming language that has an active and thriving community. They appreciate his contribution greatly, and from what I have heard in the past Jim was also once of the nice guys.

The total lack of respect in the comments at the loss of someones life saddens me. Trolls have no shame of course, so I'll do something useful today instead of feeling bad about Anonymous Cowards.

The quality of the comments at Slashdot has dropped so low that they actually detract from the story, way worse than just adding nothing. I've been coming to Slashdot less and less over time because of this. Slashdot used to be *gasp!* ... a place where actual nerds (You know? Those people that care about Tech?) came to have intelligent, humorous and often vigorous discussion and debate.

I can't believe I'm suggesting this as someone that values freedom of speech, but is it time for Anonymous Coward to go? Should slashdot require a user to login before commenting? Let's face it... Anonymous Coward adds as much to a meaningful discussion as someone who drives past a coffee shop and yells out, "Look at me!". I would finally be happy to see the last of Mr Coward. You can still say whatever you want, but put your id to it.

Comment Re:The cost is rarely in coding the patch... (Score 1) 57

You're 100% correct that a reasonable amount of effort is needed to test a patch that is going to be deployed to users and enterprise systems.

But here we have a known exploit, and Oracle with their huge pool of resources cannot manage to release patch for it before Feb 2013? You can believe that they don't have the resources to test the patch in a shorter time frame or even create a better one? I seriously doubt that it takes Oracle months to regression test a single patch.

The bottom line is that Oracle are the owners of Java, and they can't patch it in a timely fashion.

Companies and people running Java applications are OK with this?

I was once a huge fan of Java and in all seriousness, this is one of the exact reasons that I don't touch Java anymore. I don't even look at MS stuff either for similar reasons.


Submission + - Mozilla Messaging unveils raindrop

mhammond writes: Mozilla Messaging has just unveiled a mozilla labs project, raindrop, an experiment with Open Messaging on the Open Web. Raindrop, it uses couchdb as a storage engine and to serve the HTML/CSS/Javascript application itself, while the back-end is primarily written in Python. Although it is early days yet, the concept that you own your data may be what sets this apart from Google Wave. http://labs.mozilla.com/raindrop

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