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Comment Ah, it's so nice of him. (Score 1) 669

Ah, it's so nice of him. The problem is though that there is an explicit and direct contradiction between an evolutionary worldview (supported by vast body of evidence) and a creator-based (2000 year old) worldview. His quote "He created human beings and let them develop according to the internal laws that he gave to each one so they would reach their fulfillment." is one of the most ridiculous mix-ups I have ever encountered.

Comment Re:Not mobile (Score 1) 118

I thought FON was doing this worldwide already. You install custom firmware on your router, share your Wifi with the community and then you can use other people's Wifi. They even have a google map with available FON locations. In my town of 100K people they have around 20 FON spots, which is not enough for blanket coverage, but better than nothing.

Comment Patent Trolls vs Wall-Street Traders (Score 1) 126

This situation strikes me as very similar to what happens in financial markets. The whole industry is not creating any value, since they primary occupation is buying paper and then selling it at a higher price. Some may argues, that the traders add efficiency and liquidity to company price formation. Can we apply the same argument to patent trolls?

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