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Comment Why... (Score 1) 480

Why if you are going to copy the first few paragraphs of the article would you change "February 10th" to "early next month"?

Maybe the article changed or something but it just seems strange to remove the exact date.

Comment Re:A Robust OS like Apple's??? (Score 1) 325

Yup, and most electronic devices have a power button.
Although, you don't hear many people claiming that their device "features" a power button. No, it is just standard.

Was the door on your house one of the highlighted "features" during the pitch? You would have laughed at real estate agent if they told you the house "features" a door. Of course it "features" a door! You would be befuddled if it didn't. Kind of like how I am befuddled when a computer doesn't "feature" printing or spell check. (Although they do have spell check now)

1. a prominent or conspicuous part or characteristic
2. something offered as a special attraction

But anyway, nice arguing with you. I have made my point and will now move on.

Comment Re:A Robust OS like Apple's??? (Score 2, Funny) 325

You fluffers crack me up!

Yea, cause printing is something you would never want to do from a computer. We should inform Apple that way they don't implement it in 4.2. They seem to be working on it for nothing.

Although you are right. A "feature" (LMAO at printing being a "feature") does fit into the "infrequently-used" category when it is not even present.

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