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Setbacks Cast Doubt On NASA's Ares Project 255

stoolpigeon writes with this excerpt from an Orlando Sentinel article about the Ares program, which paints a bleak picture of the program's future: "Bit by bit, the new rocket ship that is supposed to blast America into the second Space Age and return astronauts to the moon appears to be coming undone. First was the discovery that it lacked sufficient power to lift astronauts in a state-of-the-art capsule into orbit. Then engineers found out that it might vibrate like a giant tuning fork, shaking its crew to death. Now, in the latest setback to the Ares I, computer models show the ship could crash into its launch tower during liftoff. "

Comment ...I don't know it? (Score 2, Insightful) 169

...records of the searches you make, the health problems you research and the investments you monitor, can be requested by government investigators and subpoenaed by your legal adversaries. But this same information is generally not available to you.
Erm, what? I'm pretty sure that what health problems I've researched or investments I've monitored are available to me, since I was the one that did them.

Submission + - Upcoming Microsoft software develpoments

An anonymous reader writes: Microsoft is revealing some of their software development ideas. Some of these sound pretty kool. However, I wonder if they are original ideas from M$ or are they rip offs. From the article: a video game designed to teach children computer-programming basics. Text-It-Notes, lets people scribble a message on a sticky note. The devices converts it to a text message using handwriting recognition software, then fires it off to one of a few preset phones. a telescope application that lets PC users zoom around the universe and explore galaxies (think Google Earth, but in the stars), by piecing together images collected by the Sloan Digital Sky Survey with educational content from astronomers at Harvard and other research centers. speakers that send sound to someone standing right in front of them, but are almost silent to someone standing off to the side. One featured program that is available to consumers now is Lincoln, which works on Windows Mobile 5. Mobile phone users can take a photo of a DVD cover when browsing in the video store. The system matches it to a photo on file, then spits back links to reviews. The service is open to the public, so bands, for example, can upload an image of a poster advertising an upcoming show, then give users a link to listen to some sample songs right from their phones

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