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Comment Seems Familiar (Score 1) 510

Sounds much like the whole Tucker scheme of the late 40's. That didn't turn out well, but I am sure the big 3 gained some valuable knowledge on the behalf of Tucker's ideas... We can look at it and say that the big 3 are doing things on their own and in parallel to Tesla, but the fact that Tesla was [pretty much] first to market and has probably innovated more and pushed the boundaries, they are the pioneers that will likely serve as the research test bed for the others... until they are no longer needed - which must be sometime around - Now. Not a fan of these tactics and being an old car guy, hated what they did to Tucker - from when I first seen the movie in high school. This ain't cool.

Submission + - China Developing 2nd Stealth Fighter Model (

An anonymous reader writes: Internet rumors of an aircraft fuselage covered in camouflage tarp seen in late June have fueled the idea that China may be developing a second fifth-generation aircraft, known as the J-21 “Snowy Owl.” Military analysts are speculating this new plane would fill a very different function than the J-20 that debuted last January.

What is known is that given its size, the twin-engine J-20 will most likely serve as a strike fighter, like the F-111 Aardvark, rather than as an air superiority fighter. The J-21 would serve as an air-superiority fighter.

As China develops two new 5th generation fighters, this is in stark contrast to America's F-22 and F-35s that have had issues with oxygen sensors and budgetary issues.

China's new planes also have their own problems, namely their Russia made engines, a potential 'Achilles Heel'.

Comment Dans Guardian + Webmin (Score 1) 646

Build a router our of an intel atom machine, set up debian + webmin + dans guardian and let them go (well mostly anyway - you can't totally shirk your responsibilities as a parent). I have two kids (9 and 12) and it keeps them out of the bad stuff and still allows them to browse without me having to worry every second. You can set up filters on your own, but it does come with preconfigured ones as well. Plus you have to love the Debian uptime.

Submission + - SageTV Aquired By Google (

SlappyMcgee writes: It seems that Google is spreading out into more than just web and mobile markets. As of June 18, 2011, SageTV has been acquired by Google. So I guess they will start competing with AppleTV now.

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