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Comment Re:Every commercial airliner already is a drone (Score 4, Insightful) 196

I'll take my plate of crow now. FTR, what compels us is years of reading articles in credible computing circles that have said exactly what I said. Yes, upon further reflection, it does strike me that's industry bullshit from the folks who think automation works for everything. That said, I have not seen the claim credibly challenged before today. Clearly there is a lot of money out there selling the automated aircraft. I have known a lot of credible people in the computing, programming and robotics fields who have repeated this claim. My best response is that it is apparent pilots don't have the same sort of lobby out there explaining their side of the problem. Because frankly it looks like pilots have been decidedly left out of the discussion. Bear in mind, around these parts we're awfully prone to liking a good story about autonomous vehicles. Very simply put, good PR has sold me a lie that sits very easily with my mind.

Comment For me, Blu-Ray isn't that impressive (Score 1) 1162

One, because to be honest up-sampled DVDs look pretty good.

Two, most movies are now shot in a style that looks like someone let a cat piss on the celluloid. Seriously, who the fuck wants to pop in the Battlestar Galactica Blu-Ray and see film grain and shitty lighting in hi-def!?

Three, for the price point, Blu-Ray doesn't deliver enough value except for the rare really well-shot movie.

Four, digital downloads. All things being equal, anything on disc is slightly antiquated. I rarely buy a disc of anything anymore.

Comment Re:Definitely interesting.... (Score 2) 220

Considering the number of hacked major websites I've now heard of storing their passwords in plaintext, my faith in industry standards is shot. When sites the size of Gawker, Reddit and Plenty of Fish fail this really braindead obvious level of security, I think people who implement plain MD5 start to feel like geniuses.

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