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Submission + - SPAM: Quake Champions "is not on Id Tech 6"

SlappingOysters writes: In an interview with Finder at last weekend's QuakeCon event in Dallas, Texas, Tim Willits spoke about whether the upcoming Quake Champions will be compatible with the Vulkan API. In the process of answering that question, Willits revealed that Quake Champions is not being built on id Software's Id Tech 6 game engine. Instead it is being built on a hybrid engine derived from developer Sabre Interactive's in-house tech, so many of the features of Doom will not be available.

Submission + - SPAM: Bethesda's Pete Hines Talks Future of Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion HD and Rage 2

SlappingOysters writes: Finder has returned from QuakeCon with a number of quotes from Bethesda vice-president Pete Hines, following an interview with the man. This includes the promising future of Rage 2, and the not so promising chance of an Oblivion HD or Morrowind HD appearing in The Elder Scrolls series after work is finished on the upcoming Skyrim HD. He has also revealed that only director Peter Jackson could turn the studio away from its current disinterest in turning any of its franchises into movies.

Submission + - SPAM: Nintendo Suffers 90% Drop in Third-Party Support 1

SlappingOysters writes: Despite the success of Pokémon Go, not everything is going well in the Mushroom Kingdom. Just released figures show a dramatic decline in the amount of third-party support for Nintendo's Wii U console when compared to its five predecessors. It's a timely update on Nintendo's current place in the console market, given the gaming world is expecting an official reveal of its next console — the NX — any day now. The NX is due for release in March 2017.

Submission + - Whore of the Orient Cancelled - Producer Details Demise

SlappingOysters writes: Following the release of L.A. Noire, developer Team Bondi went through a turbulent period – mixing huge critical and commercial success with claims of poorly treating staff – then ended up at a new publisher, working on a new game called Whore of the Orient (PS4, XBO, PC). However, following a promising reveal, the game dropped off the industry radar, leaving fans curious as to its status. Finally, in this interview Team Bondi producer Derek Proud reveals more about what was planned for Whore of the Orient, and why the game will not come out.

Submission + - id Software's Marty Stratton talks Vulkan API and Quake Champions on Consoles

SlappingOysters writes: One of the surprise announcements of Bethesda's E3 2016 keynote was the return of legendary first-person shooter series Quake Champions. While the return of the series had been rumored, few expected the next installment to be PC only. However, in an interview with Finder, id Software veteran and Quake executive producer Marty Stratton revealed that while the developer is primarily focused on PC, the studio has built the id Tech engine in such a way that Quake Champions is maximized for the Vulkan API on PC, but is also running on consoles.

Submission + - SPAM: List of Over 200 Titles Scheduled for E3 2016

SlappingOysters writes: Ahead of E3 2016, which begins on June 14, Finder has compiled a list of all the games confirmed and expected to be announced and/or playable at the big show. The list includes the publisher, developer, formats and genre for each game, and identifies whether it is outright confirmed or otherwise expected via leaks and insider tips. The list is constantly being updated, but already stands at 209 games.

Submission + - Wonder Boy Remake Finally On The Way

SlappingOysters writes: Sega has a number of fan favorite IP locked away in its vault, and one is about to be let out after a 27-year hiatus. Lizardcube has announced a remake of Wonder Boy 3: The Dragon's Trap for PC and consoles, which originally appeared on the Sega Master System in 1989. The game has a striking, modern visual style, but retains the classic story and gameplay. Lizardcube was founded by ex-developers of Media Molecule and Dreamworks, and the original game's creator, Ryuichi Nishizawa, is also on board.

Submission + - Chainsaw Carver Sculpts 8-Foot Doom Revenant Sculpture

SlappingOysters writes: Finder is reporting that Bethesda Softworks, publisher of id Software's just released first-person shooter Doom, has teamed up with champion chainsaw carver Rob Bast to bring the hideous Revenant to life. The sculpture is currently on display at the Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI) in Melbourne. The site also spoke to Mars expert Dr. Jonathan Clarke about how elements like blood and bullets would react when battling demons on the Red Planet.

Submission + - X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter Remake was "quite far down the track"

SlappingOysters writes: Released back in 1997, LucasArts' Star Wars set X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter is a cult classic. Fans have longed for a sequel for almost two decades with no joy, but it appears they almost received an HD remake in 2009. The former marketing director of Transmission Games, Anthony Reed, has revealed that the studio was working with LucasArts and a remake of X-Wing vs. TIE-Fighter was well on its way before, according to Reed, "something terrible happened" and the remake was cancelled.

Submission + - Prepare for DOOM: Expert Details Reality of Colonization and Combat on Mars

SlappingOysters writes: We're only one week away from the highly anticipated reboot of legendary first-person shooter series DOOM and gamers are ready to head back to id Software's violent take on the Red Planet. This interview with Mars expert Jon Clarke takes a fresh look at the game, by discussing the reality of combat on the Red Planet and the process of its colonization. What would it actually be like if demons attacked a human colony on Mars? The game is out on May 13, and recently scored a restricted R18+ rating in Australia for sex and violence.

Submission + - Official clarification on the status of sequel Garry's Mod 2

SlappingOysters writes: Those who were excited by Garry Newman of Facepunch Studio's reveal in September 2015 that a sequel was in the works for cult classic Garry's Mod should tamper their excitement. Finder just received word from Newman suggesting that very little has happened with the game other than "playing around" and that it may not even happen.

Submission + - 107 Games Revealed Ahead of HTC Vive Preorder Launch

SlappingOysters writes: Preorders open today for the HTC Vive virtual reality headset and while the device has been well-received by critics, little is known about the games coming to the device. We know that Job Simulator, Fantastic Contraption and Tilt Brush will be bundled in with the HTC Vive for those who preorder it, but Finder has discovered a further 104 games that have also been earmarked by their creators as coming to the device. For those considering a preorder, the site also provides a useful HTC Vive vs. Oculus Rift vs. PlayStation VR comparison table.

Submission + - Ubisoft Talks Splitscreen and The Division

SlappingOysters writes: Ubisoft's next entry in the Tom Clancy series is pushing at the boundaries of three genres, mixing the RPG, the squad-based shooter and the MMO into The Division. The game features drop-in, drop-out co-op in a near-future, post-pandemic New York that seamlessly allows players to transition from PvE to PvP environments without any menus or lobbies. However, despite its co-op gameplay, The Division does not support splitscreen. recently ran an extensive hands-on with the game, as well as an interview with Ubisoft Massive's creative director Magnus Jansén regarding the decision to forgo splitscreen co-op.

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