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Comment The best application isn't a space elevator.... (Score 1) 79

Using this for a space elevator isn't the best use for this. If these fibers are flexible enough, you could weave them into flexible body armor. Imagine light weight "kitchen" gloves that you can't cut through even with the sharpest knife. Shark protection (but not against lasers...yet). These fibers could replace carbon fiber in high strength areas. Have short enough fibers and use them for 3D printing. They are already using carbon fiber in 3D printers, this could replace it for extreme strength parts. If cheap enough, this could replace carbon fiber in safety situations (racing, boating, aircraft). Now imagine a crash at a race, except this time, the body deforms, but does not disintegrate. I think this is a major announcement in materials science, and I'm curious just how many other areas this could advance.

Comment Re:These idiots are going to ruin it for everyone (Score 1) 132

In the USA, I believe that we classify a drone as a flying vehicle which can be remotely piloted via either instrument or visual feedback. Anything else is just R/C stuff. I believe that is what these craft are. Although I did see one listed at going for $250 USD that had FPV video included in the controller. But I digress, my point is that anyone operating these type of craft "drones" should be operating like they would any other flying vehicle and be aware of their surroundings. It's a damn quad-copter with FPV feedback!, why the hell wouldn't you be constantly looking around? If more parents had taught their ignorant children, people would know better, but Nooooo. Some idiot has to shit in the gene pool.

Comment Re:Here we go again... (Score 1) 613

This makes absolute sense. It also has the added incentive of resolving the H1-B visa situation: 1. All of the Americans living along the line where the timezones change can watch Jeopardy an hour earlier. 2. They head to a location in the later timezone playing Jeopardy on TV. 3. Instant geniuses! 4. Profit!

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