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Comment Turn an netbook sideways... (Score 1) 503

I bought a Dell Mini 9 to become my less expensive e-book reader. I open my books, PDF format, rotate them 90', and then hold the netbook sideways. I read with the screen on the left side and use the arrow keys on the right side with my thumb.

It's worked great, even is in color (eat that kindle), costs $100 less than the Kindle 2, holds thousands of books, connects to the internet, and I didn't have to hack it to get Linux on it.

The Internet

Submission + - Pay Service Unsecure Connection

Slacksoft writes: I just happened to be one of the lucky 10% Pandora quoted as being impacted by the 40 hour music limitation. I was, within the first week, interrupted on my previously unlimited play period with two options. Pay for the one dollar monthly play period or pay for the premium yearly service. At this point I noticed that the entry panel for my credit card information was served over an HTTP session and was not in any way indicating that this was a secure session. So it seems anyone entering information for their pay service is doing so on an unsecure connection. Is this an acceptable behavior of any well known site or am I missing something here? I'd like to pay to give them credit for the service, but at the same time no way in heck will I do so over a non-HTTPS connection.

Comment One application to spawn more? (Score 1) 695

Again, i wonder what their definition of 'application' is? I would think one could create an 'application' that is able to spawn threads running any other application the users chooses. Just create a 'jump panel' listing all the program you'd like to run and just spawn the processes to start those applications from within one process. The netbooks are only single core so performance will take a hit, but at the same time it's a netbook. It's not meant to do anything incredibly useful other than read PDF books, check the internet, or whatever have you. Considering IE8 spawns off a new thread for each tab open as does Chrome and others i'd assume my suggestion would be possible.

Comment Platter mirror and ... (Score 1) 546

At work one day, the day before the release of a product, my hard-drive went out. I kept it on my desk for a few months to serve as a warning to others. It was at this time I discovered that hard driver platters also make great coasters with the often flat rounded top. If you open them up you can also find a great mirror that also doubles as a novelty to look at. Just put the cover back on, just use one screw, and you can keep dust from dirtying your mirror up. Don't get me started on just how hard it is to clean the thing if you get fingerprints on it.

Besides the novelties of the hard-drives a friend of mine made a few trinkets from USB drives. Between the necklace, don't ask, they were used to store games for different consoles in emulator (SNES, Sega, Nintendo) form. A good spray job (red, yellow, green) to distinguish the consoles they were great for short term fun. Since they held enough to be useful might as well make them handy. Along with that if you setup a little net at the desk they double as mini basketballs. I've accidentally run over mine with a car, washed it twice, and they keep trucking. You could even get a USB hub, plug them all in, and use them as tiny hard-drives. Anyway, back to work I go.

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