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Comment Now, who wouldn't see this happening? (Score 0) 249

A project like this could seriously make government spending more focused and more effective.
Where is the control with government spending today anyways?
Why does so many government projects fail?
Where does the money end up?

Well MS does get it's share no matter what.
But perhaps too much goes to wast in non-MS tech?

If MS can improve the overall spending I'm in.
I would love to see accountants, economists and other geeks tap into a public available datasources using Power BI and similar tools,
to create all kinds of reports and comparisons.
We also need to see who is conected to who, to get a picture of all the elegal bonds between the public and the private sector,
And also how family dominance, control this mashup of corrupt entaglements.

Comment Lets stigmatize everybody (Score 0, Flamebait) 116

Btw. Hackers aka. social degenerates / retards / ++aspergers / youfuckingnameit are also known by their monodiet consisting of pizza (Margherita) and Coca Cola.
And all managers are sexual freaks with psycopatic tendencies.
And all moderators are suffering from low self-esteem.
Now, who or what did i miss?

Comment USB sticks are inherently dangerous (Score 0) 67

All unsigned USB sticks a wide open to all type os exploits.
When an unsigned USB stick is being attacked
and firmware upgraded with malicious code you are screwed.
You might even end up with the big package, rootkit, bot-client, you name it.
Throw everything out, there is nothing else to do.
Perhaps also move to a different part of the country.
Unsigned USB sticks should always be thrown out before it is too late.
Better put them in a hydralic press.
You can not scan USB stick firmware, so forget it
Just make sure your USB stick firmware is signed

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