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Comment Re:Stephen Conroy (Score 1) 183

So the 68% [1] of Australians that do profess to be Christian should not partake in the federal elections? Nor have representation of their choosing? The 72.8% of people that profess a religious belief should stand aside and let themselves be dictated to by a minority?

Also, don't forget that your 28% (27.2% according to [1]) also includes people who didn't answer the religion question adequately (poor handwriting etc.), so the number of 68% Christians, should be considered the *minimum* percentage of society that expresses a belief that they're Christian (similarly for the other religions).

It's a democracy. Deal with it. Start your own party if you like, the AEC [2] would be glad to help you, that's what they're there for.

For the record, I'm a Christian and I don't vote for specifically Christian parties because they're all conservative and I'm liberal.I disagree with much of the policy of the Christian parties as it pertains to technology. I still fail to see how the Christian lobby is the problem. It's successive ministers from both parties who have shown, on a global stage, that they are utterly uneducated and inept in the realm of modern technology.

It's about technology and government, not religion.



Rock Band To Allow Independent Artists To Add Their Own Songs 57

Bakkster writes "Independent artists will be able to use the XNA Creator's Club to produce the Rock Band note-charts for their music and sell them in game later this year. Bands will use their original song masters and generate a MIDI file that produces the game 'gems' to which players can follow along. Tracks must pass a review process with other XNA members, and then a final approval from MTV Games. Songs will be sold for between 50 cents and $3, with the artist getting a 30% cut after MTV and Microsoft take their cut. The best tracks will also make their way to the Wii and PS3 after a 30-day exclusive period."

Submission + - UAE hacking Blackberry's for interception (

Raindeer writes: "It seems the UAE had some trouble reading Blackberry communications and turned to SS8 for a solution. SS8 suggested an unobtrusive program to be loaded on all Etisalat's customers Blackberry's. 'Trust me guv, nobody will notice'... yeah right. The programme eats batteries for lunch and the server it needed to communicate back with was overloaded (IDIOTS, like you don't know how many devices there are!). Annoyed Blackberry users saw their devices slow down to a crawl and started to complain. A little investigation later and a programmer found out the so called performance upgrade rolled out to all Blackberry users was a snooping programme by the SS8 company."

Submission + - New Zealand Introduces Internet Filtering (

Thomas Beagle writes: "The New Zealand government has been stealthily introducing a centralised internet child-pornography specific filtering system. Voluntary for ISPs but not for their users, ISPs representing over 94% of the market are already intending to join. Read the general FAQ and technical FAQ about the proposed Netclean Whitebox implementation."

Journal Journal: Ethics of Ashley X or how some ethicist's are total idiots

From the article:

"THE case of a severely mentally and physically disabled girl whose parents have stunted her growth so she remains a manageable and more portable size has divided medical ethicists...She has a severe brain impairment known as static encephalopathy and cannot walk, talk, keep her head up in bed or even swallow food." University of Pennsylvania ethicist Art Caplan said the case was troubling and reflected "slippery slope" thinking among parents who belie


Submission + - Offshore Wind Farms are set to battle bad storms

abramsv writes: "New floating wind farms are located off Denmark's West coast in the North Sea, which is considered to be one of the roughest stretches of water in the world — 8 to 10 meter waves are expected at the site... Based on data determining that average wind speeds at sea are higher than on land, the modern offshore wind farms promise to be exceptionally energy efficient — but it still remains to be seen whether or not these long-bladed Goliaths will survive the harshest of North Sea storms."

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