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Comment Re:Its the usual castle gate mentality (Score 1) 463

Things get very sticky at this point, though. Most advanced math classes for the controlling portion of students, in High School, and probably half of those in college, are going to be totally useless in their field. In HS my AP Calc teacher told the class that for students like us, it was only a matter of helping us develop our creative problem solving skills. Granted, a calculator isn't very creative, but it's still a novel approach.

Original Futurama Cast Seals Deal With Fox 94

Svippy writes "As we discussed earlier, 20th Century Fox Television was attempting to recast Futurama. As it turns out, this was just part of a big negotiation ploy, and the original cast have now completed their deals to return with the show's new episodes. For those of you who did not follow the story, a chronology of the events and reactions from the cast members are available at Infosphere and Voice Actors in the News. Series creators Matt Groening and David X. Cohen said, 'We are thrilled to have our incredible cast back. The call has already gone out to the animators to put the mouths back on the characters.'"

Comment Re:Not To Celebrate Network Solutions, But... (Score 1) 74

Unscrupulous registrars are bad for everyone. A registrar that will go to lengths to protect your identity is one thing, but fly by night, morally disinclined registrars hurt, for the most part, the people who they serve, particularly when they go out of business while your domain name is still under there control for a number of years.

Happened to me. Now my bands domain is parked for five years, and because the guy who parked it originally died, it's locked until it goes up on the market again. which point we'll be huge rock stars and someone will extort lots of money from us to sell the rights of use back to us.

Comment Re:The Dinosaurs WILL escape (Score 1) 72

But does that mean that our personal information shouldn't be protected from being leaked by means that most would consider grossly negligent? Someone had to click "Attach File" at some point. That same person had to click that send button, probably after realizing that attaching the spreadsheet with everyone's email on it wasn't the same as CCing everyone.

To me, this is, inherently, an issue of human error. Overworked, exhausted, undercoffee'd PR guy who just finished a, more than likely, exhausting and stressful marketing conference, tried doing the right thing, and messed up.

Comment What about the independent record stores? (Score 1) 334

I feel like this is just another attempt to destroy the independent record store. My room mate runs one of said stores, since the sales of CDs have dropped out, he's had to modify his inventory first from new CDs to used CDs, then used CDs to used CDs and DVDs, then new and used CDs and DVDs, then vinyl, then stereo equipment, toys, music magazines, movie posters, and finally to buying electronics to sell on eBay. The cd section of the store is dwarfed by the DVD section, which is overshadowed by the vinyl section, but CD sales still account for the 'rent' money.

So if the independent has to buy off of chains like Walmart, then what about Walmart's censorship policies? Will I ever be able to buy subversive CDs ever again? Or will this just be the beginning of yet another middle person in the supply chain, once again causing the prices of new CDs to rise?

My band has decided to just stay out of it. We're going the Ben Folds route; release everything on 7" vinyl singles, with an available digital download. That way they get their album artwork, and the files to go on their iPods and such.

On the other hand, though, it makes deviously good business sense for EMI to work this way. By limiting themselves to large volume wholesale, their job becomes increasingly easier, so you really can't blame them for being shrewd.

I'm still gonna have to go get my pitchfork and torch on this one though, as a card carrying independent musician, I am fundamentally opposed to anything EMI does, or any of the other big four for that matter.
Operating Systems

CentOS Project Administrator Goes AWOL 492

An anonymous reader writes "Lance Davis, the main project administrator for CentOS, a popular free 'rebuild' of Red Hat's Enterprise Linux, appears to have gone AWOL. In an open letter from his fellow CentOS developers, they describe the precarious situation the project has been put in. There have been attempts to contact him for some time now, as he's the sole administrator for the domain, the IRC channels, and apparently, CentOS funds. One can only hope that Lance gets in contact with them and gets things sorted out."

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