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Submission + - iPhone Battery Meter Madness Investigation (mashable.com)

SkinnyGuy writes: I understand alternate facts. Sometimes my iPhone’s battery meter delivers them.

Fact: I have a 18-month-old Apple iPhone 6. I keep it in god shape, never dropping it, subjecting it to extreme temperatures, or dunking it in bodies of water. I charge it regularly.

Fact: On a recent weekday afternoon, I picked up my iPhone, which had been sitting on my desk untouched for hours, and noticed it was reporting just 18% battery life. It was officially in the red. I quickly plugged it into a charger and, a moment later, the rating was 43%.

I think that initial battery meter reading may have been an alternate fact and this iPhone battery problem is more widespread than I realized — or Apple is willing to admit.

Submission + - E Ink goes full-color (mashable.com)

SkinnyGuy writes: The reflective display company finally figured out how to make those ultra tiny balls produce 32,000 colors in one super-low-powered display. It's a breakthrough for E Ink, display advertising and, maybe someday, e-readers and digital photo frames.

Submission + - CreoPop is How You Draw in 3D with Light and Gel (mashable.com)

SkinnyGuy writes: The rather large pen weighs 113 grams or just under 4 oz. It stands out among existing 3D drawing (some mistakenly call them “printing”) tools. This uses neither heat nor plastics to create 3D objects that can stand on their own.

Submission + - Scientists Discover First New Polymers in 20 Years (mashable.com)

SkinnyGuy writes: The world welcomed two new polymers on Thursday, codenamed Titan and Hydro, both of which came from the same reaction. One is rigid; it could become part of the next generation of computers. The other is a gel, so it it could be included in water-soluble nail polish or a life-saving gel.

Submission + - Dyson's Vision: A Robot Vacuum That Can See (mashable.com)

SkinnyGuy writes: Inventor James Dyson has a long history of re-imagining the familiar. From bag-less vacuum cleaners to touch-free hand-dryers in bathrooms, these are devices that do something commonplace, but in a way no one thought of before or imagined could work. Now, with Dyson’s investing more than $8 million in a joint robotics lab at Imperial College London, some might think Dyson is branching out. They’d be wrong.

Submission + - DNA Nanobots Could Deliver the Future of Medicine (mashable.com)

SkinnyGuy writes: Someday you will take a pill that will fix your body. Sounds like science fiction and, though not yet science fact, it is a tantalizing potential presented by a breakthrough in nano technology and biomedicine from researchers in the U.S., Denmark and Rome. Nanorobots that can deliver and release biomolecules based on temperature.

Submission + - Elon Musk: There Was No Falcon 9 Explosion (mashable.com)

SkinnyGuy writes: Shortly after reports surfaced on Monday that the private rocket company SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket may have blown up in space, SpaceX came forward to clear the air and caution a bit of patience — and founder and billionaire Elon Musk offered an outright denial.

Submission + - Now You Can Control Your Laptop with Your Eyes (mashable.com)

SkinnyGuy writes: Tobii Gaze control dispenses with the mouse and puts your orbitz in control. Now it's embedded in a laptop. Here's the story of what it's liek to use one of the World's first consumer-level eye-control computers.

Submission + - Presto! Baxter Is Magic's First Robot Assistant (mashable.com)

SkinnyGuy writes: Tempest, a cyber-illusionist already well known for taking technology to new prestidigitation heights is now working with one of the latest and most affordable androids: Rethink Robotics' Baxter and trying to turn him into The World's First Robot Magician's Assistant.

Submission + - Wanna See the Future of 3D Rendering? This Is It (mashable.com)

SkinnyGuy writes: The concept behind Lagoa is simple and smart. It’s a real-time, Web based, collaborative 3D manipulation platform that requires no software installation or localized rendering power. Lagoa is not for 3D newbies. It’s a powerful environment full of rich controls for manipulating pre-built 3D objects, scenes, light sources, textures and materials--all in the cloud.

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