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Comment Other factors to consider (Score 5, Interesting) 365

How does the lack of pollution from the process compare against that generated from the acquisition of the coal?
  Is it possible/practical to convert an existing coal power plant?
  Is there an appreciable energy/pollution cost to produce the fine powder coal used in the process?
  How much energy is consumed or how much pollution is produced in transporting the coal to the reactor?
  Is the process itself efficient in regards to the energy output when compared against the total energy costs?

I'm sure there's a lot of other things that don't spring to mind instantly, but I'm certainly not an expert on any of this. Doubts notwithstanding, this is pretty cool.

Comment Re:Is there a significant secretarial presence her (Score 1) 240

Similar situation here for me, except I am the lone graphics person for a small printing company. I type faster and more accurately than anyone else in the company, but that's not saying much as they all come from an old-school printing background.

One of my favorite things to do now is to look away from the screen and make eye contact as I continue typing out a sentence or paragraph when someone comes up to ask a question. For some reason my coworkers find this unnerving.

Comment Re:Why support proprietary systems? (Score 1) 81

Then the point still stands that you're making a comparison that's not equivalent. I could say that the Nexus 10 has a far superior screen at 300 DPI and higher resolution to the 264 DPI of the Fire 8.9, but this is an irrelevant match-up.

I'll take your posts seriously when you can offer a reasonable match-up, cite data to support it and use adult language to argue your points.

Comment Re:Why support proprietary systems? (Score 1) 81

Yes, but the HD Fire 8.9 is not the Kindle Fire HD - you're comparing apples and oranges. The price points also have a $100 difference, so I'd expect a higher quality screen in the model that costs a third more than the baseline we were using for comparison. Furthermore, despite the increased cost the innards still manage to be inferior to those of the Nexus 7 when it comes to power and there is no GPS.

TL;DR: Your argument "sucks balls" and logically "rapes" itself with faulty comparisons. Good day to you, sir.

Comment Re:Why support proprietary systems? (Score 3, Informative) 81

I've already read through two books on my Nexus 7, so I can tell you from experience it functions just fine as an eReader. I'm not sure what you're getting at in terms of screen differences, because they have identical resolutions (and PPI).. Even the Color Gamut is identical, though the red range is superior on the Nexus 7 and the Kindle Fire HD does better with greens and yellows.

The only real noticable difference between the two screens is factory calibration and range of brightness, and it's minor. You may subconsciously perceive the Fire HD's screen as superior because it as touted as a "media device", but try a head-to-head comparison. You've been bamboozled if you think the Kindle Fire HD is far superior as a display.

Comment Re:Why support proprietary systems? (Score 1) 81

I compared devices thoroughly before purchasing my Nexus 7 and I have to say that I find the screen size just about perfect. It's sharp, responsive and sized at a very convenient format. Plus, as you mentioned the processor is definitely superior.

I could understand wanting to convert an existing device if you already own a Kindle Fire, but if you're buying a new one I think the Nexus 7 is the way to go hands down. The Kindle is essentially a waste of money if you compare what you get between the two devices.

Comment Re:Refreshing (Score 1) 758

Exactly, I've been faced with opposing viewpoints on many occasions that have resulted in changing my own (for the better, in my opinion). The feeling of being wrong is grating, but it's certainly better than staying in denial and looking like an idiot.

Comment Re:Headers (Score 1) 562

Regardless of whether the beef was minced or not, it could be recovered. The beef could even be smashed into a pulp and still scraped from the bag, the bag itself could be wrung for the juices or inverted and hung to drip if it was watertight. In the analogy, there are options for recovery and definite measurement of quantity to ensure value is achieved.

The problem is that there is no way to verify the accuracy of provided figures from the merchant to ensure that they are measured in a fair and standards-compliant fashion so we know that we're getting what we paid for.

Let's take the beef in adolf's example, but now that beef is invisible (yes, I know this is getting strange - just bear with me). Now, your butcher takes this theoretical beef (bagged, minced, mashed, whole or otherwise) to the back room to measure the weight on an industrial scale kept under lock and key and he expects you to take him on his word that is actually 1,000 pounds of beef. Again, as with adolf's analogy, he has only given you 750 pounds. Many people would not protest, or even notice the difference; it is rather a lot of beef after all. Others might painstakingly take it to a home scale and measure it chunk by chunk, but how many people keep scales for such occasions? How can they be sure that they have all of the beef or that they measured correctly? It is hard to measure invisible beef. Perhaps a meat-enthusiast might dabble in the equipment necessary and have a scale sufficient to measure it in whole, but the butcher does not expect this to be an issue.

In the end, we're left frustrated about a suspected lack of product but an inability to concretely prove it. In short: "Where's the beef?!"


Submission + - Microsoft Windows 8 devices not exactly flying off the shelves ( 1

girlmad writes: Doesn't sound like Microsoft’s Windows 8 has got off to a great start in the UK, with computer retailer Currys and PC World struggling to shift devices running the new software. The store on Oxford Street in London was yet to sell one device running Windows 8 by midday today. It seems that the hype created in the build-up to Microsoft's launch has already blown over.

Submission + - The depraved, insane games lurking in the underworld of Steam Greenlight (

An anonymous reader writes: Steam Greenlight's been up and running for a few months, and there are now hundreds of pitches for games on the community site for fans to vote on. Some of them are impressive, high concept 3D games, and as this article points out, some of them are most definitely not. You can find everything from jousting dishwashers to civil war simulators where you play a fish trying to topple Gaddafi — and if enough people vote for them, Steam will actually put them up for sale.

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