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Comment Re:I don't want perks (Score 1) 342

Am I the only person who doesn't want perks? I want three things from work: the ability to do my job, more pay, and less time there

Woah now. Let's take an example like health coverage. You're going to get it whether or not your employer gives it to you as a perk. However, if they buy it they can take advantage of the economies of scale and get you a plan that would cost you $10k but only costs them $5k. It's a win for both parties, because you might be willing to be paid $93k+health plan instead of $100k without a health plan---you're basically getting something that's worth $103k to you. Meanwhile, that compensation package that's worth $103k to you is only costing them $98k. Lots of other perks work this same way.

X.Org Releases First Modular Source Roll-Up 176

NewsForge is reporting that X.Org has released their first modular roll-up release. From the article: "All X11R7.0 derivative ("modularized") releases divide the source code into logically distinct modules, separately developed, built, and maintained by the community of X.Org developers. This concentrates and accelerates development time, supporting continuous modification, testing, and publication of each module.The new modular format offers focused development, and rapid and independent updates and distribution of tested modular components as they are ready, freed from the biennial maintenance release timetable."

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