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Comment Re:Democratic Socialism at Work for benefit of all (Score 1) 621

I think you forgot your /sarcasm tag. If not, you're a bit...extreme.

Do you honestly feel that Democratic socialism is the answer? What happens when we elect someone who wants to steal all the money that is supposed to support our utilities? Then what? No fuckin' electricity that's what! So we fire them...big deal. They still have all the money, the public trust in the system is gone, and we are right back where we started. Besides, with no electricity or internet service, how are you going to know what happened anyway? ;)

Comment It's not that serious... (Score 1) 330

The article clearly states that the classified network is physically separated from the internet. All the super sensitive info is on a network COMPLETELY SEPARATE from the rest of the world. Furthermore, in order to "connect the laptop to the network" would require significantly more than plugging in the cable and accidentally leaving wireless enabled. Ever heard of port security? How about MAC filtering? There would be no accident for a system to be attached. It would HAVE to be malicious, and even then the individual would have to have access to the router and network configuration to get it to connect. My guess is that most of what they stole was either non-vital or completely falsified. Just because other nations are working on the development, doesn't mean everyone knows everything about the plane, thereby giving everyone access. No matter how much of a "joint" or "coalition" effort it is, there are parts and pieces kept from other nations, especially if it is a US led effort. Have you told your friends ALL of your secrets? The government doesn't either. Stop friggin worrying!

Comment Re:Hooray! (Score 1) 358

If I want to know if I'll like a piece of music or not before I buy it, I can hear it on Internet radio stations, real radio stations, the previews on the sites I buy music from...

I call bullshit. Payolla anyone? Most local bands are just that...local. Without distributing their music on the internet, how is the word of these folks supposed to get out? IMO, the RIAA is a racket that should be disbanded. Additionally, promoters who do very little work, other than pump money into radio stations so the next "hit song" (and I use that term very loosely...Paris Hilton loose) will be played repetitively should not get the millions which they reap. While there is no easy fix, it is fair to say that the distribution power of the internet has convinced me to order a disc off a website of some very small scale bands...bands I never would have heard had I stuck to mainstream media and not downloaded the "trial" songs on file sharing networks. It comes down to a matter of honor and honesty. If you like it, pay for it so they make more. If you don't like it, don't buy it so they go away. Furthermore, REAL artists make their money off concert tickets. They don't release one good song and expect people to blow 20 bucks on a CD chock full of crap and one good song. Or they could have crappy songs but put on a good show (GWAR :p) which would make me fork over 40 bucks to see what kind of craziness ensues.

Comment Re:FFIX?! (Score 1) 103

The coolest thing about X was blitzball. That was fun. I didn't mean to say that 10 was the worst (that belongs to X-2...dresses??? WTF?!?!) It just seemed a It was too much of a diversion from the older FF games which I still play. 3 was fantastic for the Famicom (thanks to translations) I haven't played the DS remake but I hear it's well made. The PSX remakes of the other games were horrendous! They are so much better on SNES/NES/GBA and the load times...ugh... I'm excited but reserved about 13. I'm still waiting for a re-release of 7, but that is looking less and less like a possibility. I understand there is a PC version with updated graphic textures, but the issues in getting it to run on modern hardware have driven me away from it.

Comment Re:A game I'd love to see (Score 0, Offtopic) 234

Tribes 2? It was terrible.

The reason it flopped was it lost everything that made Tribes 1 a great game.

Tribes 1 was fast paced, requires little skill to start, but incredible amounts to master, and was just plain stupidly fun. Cue Tribes 2: For starters, slow, too easy, skiing was nerfed considerably etc etc. Why would anyone leave T1?

There...fixed that for you. Not to be a grammar Nazi, but this is definitely a first for me...even on /.

Comment It actually wasn't so bad. (Score 1) 426

I spent 10 years in the Air Force and just got out in December. I'm now a contractor and I love it. I don't have to worry about getting sent to Iraq to fight a battle for which I am unprepared. I deployed quite often and spent nearly 2 of my 10 years doing systems support in the mid east. I LOVED my job before they started send AF people to do convoy duty. Did I sign up for the military expecting my life to be in danger? Yes. Did I sign up for the military expecting to drive down roads and avoid IEDs? No. I didn't join the Air Force to get shot at.

Everyone in my unit knew how technical we all were, and the whole shop was a bunch of geeks. We were treated well and highly respected (though inadequately paid.) We would get together for LAN parties and talk about geeky things and it was fun. Then I went to be an instructor and it all went to hell. Now I'm doing systems again and it is a blast all over. I'm not sure how it is in the Army and Marines, but if you fall into the right job at the right base, it can be a blast.

Even when we were deployed, we were still able to have a lot of fun because most of the time we went as a group. This has become less the case which is why I'm glad I got out when I did. I miss the atmosphere, but the time came to either get out or get shot at. What would you do?

Comment Re:Will it be fun? (Score 1) 55

Have you actually listened to the drums on that song? They're not John Bonham-esque by any means, but there is more to it than what you've described. (John Bonham is hands down the best drum to have ever lived, Neil Pert a close second.) Most of the appeal to this game won't be thrashing guitars and wearing out your calf muscle using the kick pedal, it's about nostalgia. I'm only 30 but I've listened to the Beatles my entire life. I'll tell you what, play the game, and if Hey Jude is included, go ahead and play it on expert if you feel it is so simple. Post your score and let your actions do the talking. Or just make your own game.

Comment Bring on the Beatles! (Score 1) 55

If I have to roll through the early 60's to get to some of their better stuff, I'll do it, so long as it's not 50/50 in terms of boy band and "experimental" music. Are they going to release a sitar style controller to document their time with Ravi Shankar? Some of those tunes were extremely "inspiring." I am honestly very pumped about only if they release the Dead on a track pack for those of us with a PS2...

Comment Re:No, they don't (Score 1) 681

Is the fact that you have a student loan something that employers can find from publicly available information online?

Not really, but they can run a soft credit check on you in the states without your permission.

In the UK you'd have to authorise a credit check for someone to find out about that.

We here in the states don't have that option. Soft credit hits are performed all the time. Yay junk mail!

On the assumption that companies would want to check this in order to cut out poorer candidates...

It's nothing to do with wealth, per se, it's about "responsibility."

...surely if they have that intention they can already make assumptions based on accent, place of birth, family home...

Time to go skiing on the slippery slopes. Look, the worst part about the US today is that people are losing their jobs because the economy sucks, which results in people losing their homes, which result in people having shit credit reports, which results in not being able to get a good job based on credit history. That's the gist!

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