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Comment Re:Google Voice is following the trend of USA only (Score 1) 166

It is getting hard and harder to deal with Google outside the USA. In the old days you could buy Nexus phone using a VPN and a friend in the US as the shipping address. Now you have to have a USA issued credit card and many times they know you on a VPN. My Google Glass invite will expire in 2 days which pisses me off because is my $1500 not as good anyone else in the USA?

I wouldn't be surprisedif this largely due to Google trying to avouid litigation in the EU to avoid a conflict with their business model and the EU's privacy laws.

On anouther subject, I also use Goggle Voice frequently. I have a blacklist on my phone that only allows numbers in my contact list to ring. I made my GV number one of my contacts so my friends have my 'real' phone number and everyone else gets the GV number. Voice Choice on Google play allows all calls to my contacts to be made from my phone number and all others to be made from my GV number. This could also be a great way to separate work and personel calls.

Comment Re:Pretty Simple (Score 1) 235

This is just a quiet, PR-positive way of very slowly taking governance out of the hands of voters and putting it in the hands of corporate executives. You can read about it here.

Armed soldiers with arrest powers no longer accountable to the people? What could go wrong?

If you really want to go all tinfoil hat compare the tech industry in Silicon Valley with Hezbollah becoming the defacto government of Lebanon.
1. Political wing? Yep, with their money they got that in spades
2. Social services? The benifits are great for the members and we are strting to see it trickle out to non-members. Bus rides and cheap housing? How long until soup kitchens, free clinics,and educational services. Oh, and by the way check out this candidate we like.
3. Militia? Looks like they're working on that now.

Comment Re:a straw (Score 1) 324

Masses? Never. I also came across a post, cant remember if it was on XDA or CM's g+ page, that App Ops was a big reason that CM wouldn't bake the Pdroid framework into the rom. Between that and CM trying to become Google certified I don't think they will ever be an option for privacy minded people. Which is a shame because I used to love CM. That and a few other issues, that I may concede have to do with them having to much focus elsewhere right now, is why CM isn't on my phone right now and I probably wont look at it again until after kitkat. Still appreciate everything they have done for the community though.

Comment Re:Steve "CyanogenMod" Kondik (Score 1) 240

I fully suspected this, hence the irritation and not the mouth foaming, vitriol spewing, keyboard smashing, response of most nit-pickers. I've been running CyanogenMod for more than 3 years and would not have recognized the name Steve Kondik (I would have recognized the nick cyanogen). However I do believe that among the target audience, people with rooted android phones (who doesn't root an android?) >90% would have recognized him by his nick alone or had a very good idea of who he was. Some people in their communities are very large personalities and among rom developers cyanogen may be one of the largest. For the non-target audience who he was could have been explained in the summary. Ah well, this is probably the sign of another aging slashdotter bitching about the apparent decline of quality in the headlines/summaries. Time to go make some "Get off my lawn!" signs :-)

Comment Re:Can you use Android without the Goog? (Score 1) 337

Do you have to give up your credit card info and name/address to sign up for the Google app store? (In light of the recent story that app developers get all your info, I don't know if I want every 2-bit app to get that info. The info itself could be worth more than the 99 cents for the application.)

No, you can use a regular google account. However, to pay for an app you will need to do so

Not exactly. I don't know if this is a Sprint thing or not, but if I'm on data and not wifi i can have my apps billed to my sprint account. However I don't know if this applies to in app purchases as I don't use them.

Comment Re:secure you say? (Score 1) 175

"It is the most secure option among the existing desktop operating systems"

what about OpenBSD?

As someone who is paranoid enough that all my personal financial online transactions are done on a live cd, I love the consept of OpenBSD. In the past I have installed it on both a pc and a laptop. Not even after, or during, a week long Hunter S Thompsonesque drug and alchohol binge would I consider OpenBSD a desktop os.

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