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Comment Why limit this to Linux? (Score 1) 867

To get the full story, and to put your Linux distro of choice in context, it might be weel and good to list the full progession.

For me it was:
Mainframe, PLC
Trash 80
IBM PC running DOS 2 through 6
OS/2 V. 1.2 through Warp 4
Redhat 4.2 though 9
Fedora 1 through 14/Gnome
Fedora 17/XFCE

Also run various flavors of Ubunto and Centos concurrent with the Fedora loop.


Comment This - The reason for the GPL (Score 5, Insightful) 182

I have not been able to glean what open source licence this project used, but for sure it was not the GPL. But THIS TYPE of misappropriation of code is the reason the GPL ought to be used for any kind of community project like this.

If you use an open source licence that allows the code to be taken and closed then don't cry when others figure out how to profit from your work and deny you the fruits of your own frickin' labor.


Comment An eclipse is NOT more common in S. hemishere (Score 5, Interesting) 46

I don't know where the submitter or editor got his/her eclipse frequency info, but the chances of an eclipse occuring are equal for both hemispheres. If you look at a specific short enough time span, it may appear to favor one hemisphere over another, but the eclipse geometry is symmetrical. There are times that a total eclipse vs. an annular eclipse will favor one hemisphere over another because the distance of the earth from the sun varies, but over any reasonable time scale this will all average out.


Comment Don't get a contract. (Score 2) 188

Sure are a lot of options out there if you don't want to be tied to a contract. I got a new LG Alley phone for about $100 bucks on ebay, and signed up with page plus celluar. Cheap pay as you service, uses all the Verizon toweras, and I can do anything and load any browser I want.

Be flexible, but stand up to the man.


Comment "Pump the Brakes" (Score 1) 713

OT but pumping the brakes is not what people used to do before anti-lock brakes. Pumping the brakes is what you do when the brake system hydraulics are failing, and you need to build up fluid and pressure in the line so the pedal doesn't hit the floor when you want to stop. Pumping the brakes was made a thing of the past by dual brake system circuits. Not anti-lock brakes.


Comment Long time user -logging out- (Score 1) 339

I can't even remember when I started reading Slashdot, but I associate it with my discovery of Linux in the mid/late 90's. I think I found it while surfing around after figuring out how to get my modem to connect using redhat 4.2 . Or maybe it was while I still ran an OS/2 box and found Slashdot while looking at the RC5 teams. Took a while before I finally signed up.

Anyway, I have really enjoyed the stories and discussions until recently. Been thinking about moving on. This latest expansion to whatever-bi just confirms my thinking. Must be a better News for Nerds out there. Guess I'll go take a look.



Comment New LG ALLY from ebay + Page plus Celluar (Score 1) 173

There is actually a fair bit of flexibility out there if you dig around.

When I went looking for a new phone for my daughter, I discovered that Verizon would NOT activate a smartphone unless you get the very expensive data plan, no matter if you own the phone or get it from them. I think around $80 per month.

I did a little research and found Page Plus Celluar. They use the Verizon system/cell towers so coverage is pretty good. No contract, and have a pretty good data/text/phone plan for about $30 per month.

I hopped over to Ebay and found a new-in-the-retail-box LG ALLY 3G Verizon Android phone for about $140. Has a slide out keyboard and all the other bells and whistles.

Works great. Page Plus Celluar will activate the phone with any of their plans. So for example, you could have a call only prepaid talk plan that will give you 2000 mins. of talk good for a year, for a one time payment of $80. And you could still use the data capability of the phone by connecting to a nearby WIFI.

I liked it so much I bought two..


Comment X allows us to use legacy programs (Score 3, Insightful) 413

In our office, we use the ability to run programs remotely on a regular basis. It is particularly useful for running programs that have dependencies that are no longer included in modern linux distributions.

As an example, I am a big fan of Word Perfect. I have used it to write specifications in our architectural office since maybe 1986. As some of you may recall, Word Perfect was available as a native Linux application -not a port or WINE abortion- I love this program, and would reinstall it at each upgrade, moving the required libraries from the old 2.0 kernel as needed.

Starting about Fedora Core 3, It just couldn't be installed in a way that was useful.

I solved this by installing RH9 on an old box, installed the libraries from Kernel 2.0 installed WP and have been happily running WP on this box with the display appearing on whatever computer I happen to be using ever since.

This is just one example, and maybe seems like a cranky one, but we have many other examples, such as pushing intensive computational tasks off to another computer while having the display on the desktop.

We will miss X greatly. Why this push lately to screw up the Linux desktop, anyway?


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