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Comment It's A Good Story, but... (Score 1) 424

A few things about the story... It starts off linking to the webpages of his "two compadres". The only thing at one website is a link to the TFA, and the other is the homepage of ryandesign. Ryan, of ryandesign.com, works on MacPorts, and coincidentally has the same name as the "MacBook Software Manager at Apple Computer". The phone number he gave (512-796-XXXX) is a Sprint exchange from Austin. When he sent the number for the thief to call, it was the same "512-796-XXXX". Did he send his own number for the thief (the one with the phone, to call), or does his friends phone happen to have the same exchange with the same provider in the sane city? I'm not calling shenanigans on this, I'm just saying... take the story with a grain of salt.

Submission + - MIT Releases Source to Multics (mit.edu)

sciurus0 writes: "Over 40 years after its creation, MIT has released the source code to the Multics operating system. Designed as a timesharing system that would turn computing power into a utility, Multics was unsuccessful as a commercial product but was wildly influential in the design of future operating systems, including UNIX."

Comment Participation points (Score 4, Funny) 102

So i'm going to visit my friend at U of C this weekend, and she says, "oh, this was a good week to come, you will get to participate in the scav hunt." obviously, i figure, "hmm, this would be fun for a short while." Then... i see this article. "damn, this is gonna be hard." but compared to Centurix's list up there, this is a walk in the park. sure anyone can find things like "2. DNA From a) Bill Gates b) Linus Torvalds c) Larry Ellison" and "9. A travelling salesman who understands non-deterministic polynomial time" but if i was able to find something like "10. A girlfriend" do you really think i would be writing this at 4:56, come on, at least make it a realistic list.

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