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Comment Re:4G is fast enough (Score 1) 38

As someone who lives in a rural area, I can tell you that WiMax is big business here. DSL is slow and limited to near a CO (6Mbit by Bell really). Cable is quite fast (100+ megabit, I get 130-160 down and 11 Mbps up on my 100 Mbit package). This only works if youre in town or on the highway. Once you get into cottage country or even some main rural roads, they have nothing. Seeing WiMax Ubiquiti gear hanging off rural homes is quite common. We have a dozen towers or so surrounding our county that residents cant hit and can achieve up to about 10 Mbit for around 80-90 dollars per month (unlimited bandwidth). Not great, but usable.

Comment Microsoft (Score 2) 162

I did some work for a local government and Microsoft went back and forth with me on licensing. They wanted photos of all 75 computers product keys to prove they had OEM licenses for Win 7 Pro. Those that didnt have were covered by about 30 Windows 8 licenses I purchased with downgrade rights (Same price as Windows 7 and we dont use Windows 8). It went back and forth about 4-5 times and he really haggled over the most minute workstation licenses. I had sent proof on multiple occasions and they couldnt even verify my windows workstation licenses from a large reseller (I think Compugen). I eventually told the Microsoft licensing rep to stop bothering me and send me the finalized audit that showed i had valid licenses or go away. That was in 2013 I believe. We get them every 5 years. Also, online activation compared to licensing can lead to audits on corporate keys.

Comment I can speak from experience (Score 2) 504

I can tell you that Law Enforcement kits can break encryption on IOS devices (new releases usually within a month of a major IOS release). They will be unable to unlock the phone regardless. I have never gone through Apple to get into an IPhone and simply use my forensics kit with a search warrant to break into the phone and do a physical extraction of it. They also say they wont unlock the phone to you however they never said anything about not giving access to complete icloud backups of imessaging and texts and everything else now did they?

Comment External Wifi Antenna (Score 4, Informative) 285

A neighbour? Why not hook up an external panel antenna to the side of your place aimed at their place and have a NAS with wifi on it (may need external antenna for your NAS as well but maybe not). Then you dont even have any wires to worry about and its still on your network...encrypt the NAS in case of possible break and enters..

Comment Linux growing in my datacentre (Score 1) 274

I run a datacentre of roughly 20-25 servers. Traditionally they were all Windows servers. The Exchange servers and Active Directory and file shares are still Windows based due to simplicity in management however all the application servers have been replaced with Linux. My network management servers (Nagios) are now linux, as are the Tomcat servers, backup servers and various others. Ive gone to Linux for web and spam filtering as well. I would say I have moved up to roughly 50/50 Windows/Linux mix and saved a large amount in Operational costs. The administrative people have noticed I've saved on operational costs and have been able to reuse those funds for some projects instead of throwing money on licensing. What still kills me is the Exchange mailbox licensing. I create a rarely used mailbox for a photo copier and it will cost me an exchange license. Symantec then charged roughly 35 dollars per mailbox per year for premium antispam...brutal.... Our web filter was costing us roughly $1500 a year for 100 concurrent users. I saved about $5000 per year on antispam alone...

Comment No Thanks! (Score 1) 368

I cant see streaming via cell phone as practical....people have to pay for data plans, people take their phone with them when they leave the car. If i take my phone (assuming im paying lots of money for an iphone (i wouldnt i have a blackberry bold) and i have a 1 gig limit on it per month.)..i dont think ill be wasting it streaming audio....i leave the car to go shopping and my wife is in the car still, what will she listen thanks, stupid idea....

Submission + - Spin Your Electric Meter Backwards

Dennis Sweatt writes: "How Energy from the Sun Can Improve Your Cash Flow: Return on Investment. A large portion of the cost of a residential system is offset by state rebates and federal tax credits. In addition, installing a solar electric system increases the value of your home up to 8%. How It Works: The solar rebate system in California comes under a program known as the Emerging Renewables Program. Through this program, utility companies in California provide rebate programs for solar, fuel cell and wind power systems used on residences. Power Without Maintenance: Solar cells perform the conversion without moving parts, noise, pollution, radiation or maintenance. The special properties of semiconductor materials make this conversion possible. "

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