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Comment Re:Because there's no advantage (Score 1) 206

People who have a fingerprint sensor on their phone since that eliminates the unlocking step and the entering PIN step.

All I do is bring my phone close to the reader and the screen automatically lights up with my list of cards. I tap which one I want and then put my thumb down on the fingerprint reader to authorize. The whole thing takes like 3 seconds. Also, isn't is more secure with 1 time use tokens?

My phone is my wallet. I have a case that has room for a few cash bills and a plastic card or two, but I have to use the space for cards like my drivers license. I like that I can have my credit cards on my phone digitally to use.

Comment Alternative (Score 1) 78

Fortunately we have been given an alternative in the VR revolution called the HTC Vive.

I tried a friends headset and was sold on the cool experience it provided and decided to order one. I already have mine now and have been enjoying and sharing it's experience even before people who pre-ordered their Oculus Rift on the first day it was available have gotten their headsets.

Comment Re:"audiophile" site... (Score 1) 138

This site (not sure why it's not active anymore) Was designed by the site admins to teach people the information they would need to know to be successful on the site.

All the info there is all they ever asked about and covered in the interview questions. Back when I took it 5 years ago or so all the information was correct. What exactly is wrong about the information there?

All they asked was about torrents/trackers/seeding/ratio. Questions about how to properly rip a CD to lossless with secure mode, error correction, cue sheet and log file for verification of correct ripping procedure. Then some questions about different audio formats like lossy vs lossless and bitrates. Also what is a transcode and ways to help identify whether a lossless copy was ever a transcode etc. Pretty basic stuff, I don't see how it could have been wrong.

All the questions were clearly there to make sure someone know how to properly rip cds, how to manage their ratio and share properly, and how to not screw up re-encoding the audio formats. All pretty important stuff to keep a smoothly running community of consistent and high quality music.

Comment Voice control? (Score 2) 293

Doesn't every phone have voice control these days?

Between Google Now, Siri, and Cortana everyone should easily be able to send off a text completely eyes-free via voice. I use Siri to do it and haven't had a problem dictating or hearing her read the incoming. It's built right into the vehicle's own CarPlay system.

Comment Re:Trust, but verify (Score 1) 388

It can work I suppose, but not everyone needs it.

As a child, I never had a single restriction like all my friends seemed to have. I was really into computers too and was online and could do whatever I wanted to. I didn't have a curfew or anything like that but I respected general safety "rules" very much. I'm 28 now and I am pretty much as reserved as a person can be. I never got into trouble and I never wanted to get into trouble. Having no limits didn't cause me to do anything wrong or get into any danger. I was smart enough to prevent myself from doing that I guess?

Comment Re:Exactly (Score 1) 345

But the problem is the FBI could use that fix on any phone. So in essence Apple is saying they won't help them because their phones are inherently insecure.

But Apple controls the iOS cryptographic key signing servers which say what firmware versions can be installed on what devices. They have to be signed before the phone accepts that firmware period. Same reason that nobody but Apple can install an older no loner signed version of the OS on an iPhone. It used to be susceptible to a replay attack, but Apple added a nonce a few years ago to stop that too.

The special firmware Apple made with unlimited passcode attempts could only be signed for that specific device. Apple wouldn't even have to give the firmware to the FBI. Make the FBI come in to their secure LAN and have Apple load the special firmware on the phone for them.

What if the government paid Apple fair compensation to do so?

Comment Re:Ooooooh (Score 1) 107

I buy a new phone every year but I don't wait in line or care if I have to wait a couple weeks to get mine.

The reason I do it is because tech gadgets are my hobby and I enjoy using them a lot and like to use the new features. The cost is really not an issue for me at all. I'm not accumulating debt or denying myself something else I need just to get a new phone. Plenty of other people have much more expensive hobbies than mine.

Do I really have a problem? Is it really hard to understand that I just like playing with and utilizing new toys?

Comment Re:vs H.264 yes (Score 1) 110

What is far more safe to assume is that it is a comparison between their current h.264 encoding setup vs. whatever h.265 coded they would use in practice.

I don't find that more safe to assume because if they were comparing any HEVC encoder to a non-reference H.264 encoder, i.e. a newer, higher quality H.264 encoder then their claims of 50% reduction in bitrate would not be possible.

Nobody in the encoder community has posted any sorts of encoder results with such a reduction in bitrate. What has BBC done that is so incredibly special to achieve what nobody else has?

I find it much more likely that they are comparing to a reference H.264 encoder as that would at least make their results possible, conformable, and repeatable in the first place.

Also, any HEVC encoder implementation produces results so close to a reference encoder that you might as well consider them all reference at this point. I've tested several myself. But H.264 on the other hand, reference vs. the best is quite a large gap.

Comment Re:vs H.264 yes (Score 1) 110

I think it's safe to assume that the article is talking about reference encoders. The HEVC consortium set out to reduce bit-rate by 50% at equal quality for the HEVC standard and for reference H.264 vs reference HEVC they came out pretty close to that goal.

I was merely pointing out that if you instead compare a reference HEVC encoder or even the current "best" HEVC encoder compared to the best H.264 encoder (x264), the different in quality is negligible so far, especially for bitrates that actually yield a high quality encode (that isn't soft or smoothed out) like HEVC tends to do at lower bitrates.

Comment Re:vs H.264 yes (Score 1) 110

I was referring to an H.264 reference encoder...

Also I mentioned x265 in another comment. At this point x265 is hardly better than an HEVC reference encoder. Something you would know if you actually knew what you were talking about and have actually used these encoders and done lots of testing and comparisons.

How is describing my results from my own encoding comparisons rambling?

Comment vs H.264 yes (Score 5, Informative) 110

50% bitrate reduction vs H.264 sure, but not vs x264 which is the current gold standard for HQ video compression.

It's like comparing a new audio codec to the original fraunhofer MP3 encoder. LAME on the other hand is a significantly better MP3 encoder like x264 is a better H.264 encoder.

My own compression testing between HEVC and x264 show that at verty low bitrates, yes HEVC is better, but only at bitrates below what I would normally use and what I would consider "quality" encodes.

When you compare say a 10GB x264 encode of a full-length BluRay film, even 8GB for the HEVC does not provide an equal or superior copy.

Comment Re:Eh, its not that much (Score 1) 278

Are your monitors 4K? Do they do 120Hz or 144Hz? Do they support G-Sync or FreeSync? These are all reasons why he could have spent what he spent and more than you. And no it has absolutely nothing to do with a fruit or a niche industry thing.

This is an amazing monitor for instance for video gaming. 144Hz IPS is not a cheap thing anywhere plus the G-Sync module from nVidia.

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