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Comment Faster, cheaper iPad Air 1 you mean (Score 3, Informative) 104

The new iPad shares the same 7.5mm thick 1.03lb body as the iPad Air 1. It also shares the same non-laminated screen and no anti-reflective coating as the iPad Air 1. The Air 2 was 6.1mm thick, 0.963lb with a fully laminated screen with anti-reflective coating.

The new iPad is an iPad Air 1 on the outside, with an A9 CPU (from iPhone 6S) on the inside and the camera and TouchID from the iPad Air 2.

Comment Re:I wouldn't work there. (Score 1) 392

Yeah, I think it's great that people can make the choices of where to focus their money and efforts.

I just have this thing where I feel like an alien in the way I fundamentally feel and operate. For instance I hate complaining and I very rarely complain about anything and I just can't understand why other people do it so much. I try to understand, but it's like those feelings are a foreign language to me. I find that sometimes like here I end up trying to understand other peoples view and why they act the way they act by indirectly having a conversation about it and asking questions to see how they respond. It's just my way of learning and gathering information I guess.

Comment Re:I wouldn't work there. (Score 1) 392

The operative word there is minimize.

What people are finding so insufferable about you is that you think that the worst-case cannot happen to you and you're smug about it.

Even people who have a safety cushion can lose it, and it's really, really hard to get it back if you do so. I know. I've had to rebuild my assets several times and I'll bet I keep a larger cushion than you do when I can. In large part because I do pass on a lot of job offers.

Who's finding me insufferable? My comments are at 3 points.

Also where do I claim that the worst case cannot happen to me? In fact I stated in an earlier comment that it's not about eliminating the chance, it's about doing things and making choices to minimize the chances.

Not trying to be smug, trying to have a normal conversation about the topic.

If you have to take the job then your cushion was not large enough. I don't know how big your cushion was compared to your expenses, but I live a pretty simple life. With my current cushion I could live for about 5 years without taking a job and that's including costs for individual medical insurance as well in order to protect against a worst case health scenario while I am not under an employer's insurance.

I can afford the cost of health insurance, the maximum out of pocket expense per yer associated with that plan, food, and shelter all for about 5 years. What else is going to go so wrong to drain my funds that I will have to take a job right away? I'm just asking for enlightenment because apparently I am naive about this but nobody can seem to tell me specifics.

Comment Re:I wouldn't work there. (Score 2) 392

So you think it's useless or futile to work hard and focus on putting oneself in a position to minimize the likelihood that they would have to take a job that they don't like because they need money now, especially if they find that working in a job they don't like makes them very unhappy.

I was under the impression that most people don't do enough to put themselves in a good position like that and that they could have done more to prevent it and now they are complaining about being in that position when they didn't do everything they could to avoid it.

Comment Re:And rightly so (Score 1) 94

Well GoPro does sell a $199 model. Perhaps they need a $99 model as well?

Why can't they be like Canon, or Nikon, or Sony, etc. These companies sell cheap point and shoot cameras to the average masses, but they still continuously research and make new full-frame DSLR models as well for those who want quality.

I downhill ski, water ski, scuba dive, hike, mountain bike, etc and I love going back and editing my videos later and I find the high frame rate and super clear 4K recordings I get from my GoPro let me have a lot more creative freedom in my video editing. $399 for the top model is not exactly breaking the bank like a full-frame pro DSLR either which are thousands once you talk about lenses.

Comment Re:And rightly so (Score 1) 94

Problem is the knockoffs don't seem to match GoPro in my experiences.

SJCAM's newest SJ6 Legend can only do 60Hz at 1080p, 30fps at 2560x1440 and for the 4K mode it says 24Hz but then also says (Interpolated) which probably means it's something more like 15Hz and being motion interpolated to a higher output rate like a TV can interpolate a 24 or 30Hz signal to 120Hz.

A GoPro can do 240Hz 720p, 120Hz 1080p, 60Hz at 2704x1524 (2.7K) and true 30Hz at 4K.

An action cam at least for me should be able to do high framerates since action is best captured at higher framerates and slow motion is also really helpful for filming fast action.

I've tried all sorts of action cameras but I've yet to see one which can match the Go Pro's image quality, speed, and accessory support.

Comment Re:I wouldn't work there. (Score 1) 392

OK, but that's where we are going with the reasonable odds part of it.

I did mention it's not a 100% certainty that anyone can prevent having to take a crap job even with good planning, but how many of the people who are complaining about choosing a job they don't like are in that situation because they are in debt from health issues rather than in debt because they lived beyond their means and didn't plan well for the future.

My money would be on far more people picked a crap job so they could have more fun and have spending money over picked a crap job because they are in debt from health issues.

For instance, making 80K a year but living like you make 50K a year for awhile can allow you to get yourself into the position to be able to go long periods without work to allow you to find the job you really want over being forced to take something because you need money now.

For me I choose to operate like that because I would rather have a job that I love than live in a bigger house or have a nicer car etc.

If you choose to go for the big house and fancy car, but have to always be in work in order to pay for it all then I find it hard to have sympathy for you when you complain about having to take a crappy job because you need it and need money now.

I chose my path and it makes me happy, you choose your path and it makes you miserable, maybe you should rethink your choices. That's all I'm trying to get at in a general sense.

Comment Re:I wouldn't work there. (Score 1) 392

I very much doubt that would happen to an extent where I couldn't do anything to adjust.

If for some reason it started to happen I would radically downscale my quality of living. I have already found from experience that I can comfortably live on quite a small amount.

I don't think it's very realistic to have to look for a job for more than a year and not find one that I would be happy to take. As long as I keep my savings large enough to cover my cost of living for a year then I have given myself that timeframe to find something. And if not, I can downscale my living to stretch it longer if need be.

Of course I'm not saying that it's impossible and would always 100% work out, but the odds should not be high that I wouldn't find something I would be happy with in the timeframe i've worked to set up for myself.

Comment Re:I wouldn't work there. (Score 2) 392

I have, and I still turned down positions that weren't what I was looking for because I knew the importance of choosing a place that I actually wanted to work at.

I could afford to do this because I have a large savings that exists for these sorts of times.

I had a large savings because previously I lived within my means or more accurately I lived below my means so that I could quickly grow a large savings exactly for these sorts of purposes in the future.

It's all just a part of careful planning in my experience and you always have to plan for the worst cases.

Comment Re:Another example (Score 1) 126

I don't think I've seen 1080 video look that good.

Ah, but you just did... It's being played back at 1080p on 1080p pixels. It's the source that affects the quality. They used a high quality pure digital camera to film it. It doesn't look better because it's 4K on a 1080p monitor. You are only seeing 1080p pixels on your screen. They could encode the video that way in the first place and at that bitrate and it would look the exact same as you are seeing now.

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