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Comment Re:Can't we at least learn something? (Score 1) 715

That is what the teachers union is REALLY against.
It requires discipline, and work from the teachers.
It requires firing teachers that have quit caring.
It requires giving kids a choice in what they want to learn. Let a kid that does not want to learn Algerbra, learn a trade. Maybe learn something that cannot be outsourced to India.

Comment skip wiki get soldier (Score -1, Troll) 275

Julian did NOT swear to defend the United States, his job was not to protect the US and its valuable data. He should be persona non-grata and never get a visa into the US. The soldier who betrayed his country's trust however, should meet a firing squad as quickly and publicly as possible. The secrets he revealed, do not point to massive crimminal activity by the US government and/or members of the government. They merely embarrass embassy officials and those who told them things in confidence. Our ambassadors will not get as much honest information from others any more. It has had a chilling effect on our relations with other countries. For this BETRAYAL OF TRUST, he should be shot.

Comment 0g plane is the Vomit Comet (Score 1) 113

They call the plane that does the 0g roller coaster the Vomit Comet. This is where they want to test the beer for drinkability? Will they use Ale or Lager yeast and how will they decant it? It will need a filter and wont be very clear. A couple cans of Foster's 5.1% will make the trip to Mars go faster.

Comment Re:This is wrong.- dont blame new tech (Score 1) 635

When they came out - the Map and Compass made explorers much bolder than they where before. How bold of an explorer would you be without them? There are an unknown number of people using the new technology without needing rescue. Take away all the tools and many people would only explore the lint in their belly bottons. (some of those can still get lost)

Comment South Park and MP3s (Score 1) 366

These bozos have missed the whole South Park paper cut outs that are popular. Amimation outside of Pixar is terrible, but the story can carry it. An MP3 from ear buds? That is a great listening experience? If the song is good, the kids don't care. If the story is good, your brain will fill in the spots between the dots.

Comment Re:Sorry, What?? (Score 1) 571

1) The goverment taking out loans to send money to selected few is BAD. Cut taxes, why should the money go through DC to go back to those with connections? Just stop taking it from earners. 2) Healthcare - again putting DC in the middle between sick people and the doctor - ALL BAD. It is not Amazon when the federal government is you competition. They make the rules and own the ball. You cannot win against them 3) They took over the student loans, DC controls it so you there is less choice on where you can get the loans. 4) They added 2000 pages to the Wall Street forest to hide in. Some reform, but more rules that will go to court to be interpreted and argued while ripping us off. 5) We are still in Iraq and Afganistan, playing nice. 6) Google "Greece financial collapse" - Yes you missed something.

Comment Re:Any objections? (Score 2, Insightful) 571

You are wrong on so many levels about so many things. The Tea Party are ashamed of Bush. They voted for a conservative and got a NEO Con who spent way more money then expected. He went after terrorists, ok, but let the dems run the economy at home. The Tea Party wants a smaller federal government, not just "our guys" running it. If you want the government to run you, stay in Calif or Mass. Let the rest of us run our own lives. You seem to forget how miserable Carter was as a president and how miserable the country was under his "leadership". Obama is reminding us of those days. It was Carter that made Ronnie look so good.

Comment Re:What is the Community Reinvestment Act? (Score 1) 571

The mortgage meltdown is the Barney Frank and Chris Dodd show. Clinton's proposals were reasonable and Bush had his eye on the War on Terror. Any attempts by Bush to check on Fannie Mae were met by calls of racism. It was Barney Frank's lover that ran Fannie and got it to be the biggest morgage holder in the country. It was allowing Fannie to buy rotten loans for McMansions that got us here. It was Bush's watch, but it was Frank and Dodd's doing. Now, instead of closing down that misbegotten hole, we are sending more good tax money into it. Instead of letting poorly run companies fail, we bail them out and then try to tax the executives. Don't bail them out any more money and the salary bonuses will take care of themselves.

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