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Comment And then everyone will... (Score 3, Interesting) 556

And then everyone will react by sending their encrypted (first level) traffic through a tunnel that performs a second encryption level in a country that laughs at their legal requests. She just doesn't get it. Encryption is here to stay for very good reasons law enforcement has to adapt.

Comment Will defense also have access to the raw data? (Score 1) 94

Will defense also have access to the raw data? It is all to possible for the defense to use that data to show other people who also had the opportunity to do the crime. When you listen to a recording or view a video you get the whole, unaltered content. Law enforcement should be required to produce the raw data and demonstrate their process for analyzing the data to ensure those processes are not flawed. Otherwise just showing a Stingray report is like showing a single cropped frame from a video in court without introducing the whole video as evidence.

Comment Re:been there, done that (Score 1) 280

While a junior, working on my CS degree, I had to take an evening creative writing course taught by an aspiring professor as I was working already in my field. She had a doctorate in English and was venting to the class about being paid only $35k/yr for her full-time teaching job which she had been doing for four years already. My class had many engineering students, and many of us were already employed. Her comment brought snickers from many of us and we shared with her that every one of us started for over $50k in our current jobs. She was shocked and I then brought up to her that I just hired a technical writer for $45k and she should reexamine her career goals if earning more money was her primary motivator. Class was cut short that evening.

Submission + - Microsoft alienates Office365 customers running IE8 while supported with Wave 15 (office365.com)

SirKron writes: Although IE8 is officially supported for Office365 users until April 8, 2014, Microsoft has alienated customers stuck using the older IE8 browser with the new Wave 15 functionality of Office365 to very slow performance or complete inability to get to their email and applications. Microsoft's stance is to provide good user experience their service requires a modern browser and they cannot provide that experience on IE8. From the support article IE8 users should upgrade or deal with the slow performance.

Comment Re:Wow (Score 1) 343

Time to put it into the lab until service pack 1 is released...um, wait.

Seriously, I cannot deploy this version with most of my known AD environments because:
- Replication of AD integrated DNS zones not fully supported
- DFSR not supported, NTFRS and DFS are not good enough
- The fact that I cannot have a single operating system standard for the forest/domain which governs all security, audit, and governance policies. In short, it makes AD more complex

The only advantageous deployments I can clearly understand are for a resource forest/domain where all servers in the domain are not Windows. Why? Because as soon as you add a single Microsoft Windows server which authenticates users you are required to purchase Windows Client Access Licenses for each real person or an Internet connector license.

So unless I am replacing all of the Windows servers with linux, I am not saving any money, only making the environment more complex to manage.

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