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Comment Re:Terminal Velocity (Score 1) 233

Size has no bearing, except that it helps to determine the friction coefficient of moving through another material. Almost anything dropped from that height would reach terminal velocity quickly, and I would imagine an iPhone's is quite high. Also, as others have pointed out, the rate of deceleration upon impact determines the damage to the phone (as the saying goes: speed doesn't kill; acceleration does). Various substances provide different deceleration times. Hitting a rubber roof would be significantly less damaging than a cement sidewalk.

Comment Re:Druggie generation (Score 1) 550

Presently the poll shows that 61% take nothing at all. Additionally the question lumps everything from anti-psychotics, powerful hormone therapies, and oxycontin in with 'prescription grade' Ibuprofen and some antihistamines. I'd be more interesting of the poll options focuses on some sort of relative strength scale instead of simple quantity.

Comment Re:Cloud Computing (Score 2) 639

Is my old data on a cloud based system considered abandoned if I continue to actively use the system but don't touch some items?

This is one of the problems the ISPs want clarified; the law doesn't specify if the whole account has to be inactive, or just certain items. The law has many other problems because of changes in modern technology.

Comment Re:The world just got a bit nicer. :) (Score 1) 350

1. Someone already did; products don't just come into being, someone wrote a spec, a developer implemented it, ya ya.
2. Don't even pretend like you don't understand how your competitors products work without seeing their drivers' source code.
3. The idiots are idiots already, and still will be, nothing will change.
4. If you don't tell the C*O, see #5.
5. You just lost $3 from that other guy; and $30 from me and my whole family that I buy for; and who knows how many other people. Explain *that* to your C*O.

Comment Re:An honest question: (Score 1) 77

It's the combination of flexible game play, long and detailed story lines, and a general theme of blending modern world technology with old world magic. FF7 and FF8 were the epitomes of the FF series IMHO.

FF7 had breakthrough graphics (which look kind of clunk these days) and still holds the title for plot/storyline, I think. FF8 has the title in terms of character development and interaction, the story suffered a bit due to that but it's still one of the greats.

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