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Comment Re:Ubisofts DRM (Score 1) 233

I don't mind paying for something useful but I hate buying crippled shit. I really don't play games anymore but if I did I wouldn't want anything that forced me to put up with a bunch on needless BS.

Same here. I hate paying for crippled products. I still play games, but specifically avoided buying the latest Ubisoft games: Anno 1404 with TAGES drm, Settlers 7 and Assassins Creed with this always online stuff. I own most other games in these respective series, but preferred not playing these to throwing money at their drm garbage. I don't think this new patch will change my mind. It is too little, too late. I guess Ubisoft can be happy - I don't pirate their games. I stopped playing them altogether. Problem is that I was a legitimate customer that never pirated their games before. I doubt the pirates had these problems.

Comment They probably got the idea in Belgium... (Score 3, Interesting) 291

Since last year, SABAM (Belgium's RIAA) charges day cares and schools for the music they play in class:
see here
Youth organizations, neighborhood parties and small businesses that play radio during work already had to pay for this (or risk being raided by the copyright cops).

Feed Engadget: Artist creates Back to the Future hoverboard -- that actually hovers (video) (

Don't expect to ride it on solid ground -- much less water -- but what you see above is indeed a hoverboard that floats. Using electromagnets embedded in the podium and a laser system to measure its position, artist Nils Guadagnin has managed to keep a familiar-looking pink plank aloft, a full five years and five months before the real deal supposedly sees common use. Give the man a pair of kicks, a car and a flux capacitor, and he'll be all set. Video after the break.

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Artist creates Back to the Future hoverboard -- that actually hovers (video) originally appeared on Engadget on Fri, 28 May 2010 17:14:00 EDT. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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Submission + - Hacker blackmails ISP for unlimited Bandwitdh (

abelchemoul writes: In Belgium, the biggest ISP (Belgacom/Skynet) is still capping the traffic on most of their offer (mine is 25Go a month), and most of other ISP do the same. Not for long? A hacker named Vendetta has published today login data from 1000 users. Apparently abusing an exploit from the router Skynet give to their clients, he threatens to release 1000 account data a week until end of november if the quotas aren't abolished.
From his post : "Be warned shitty ISPs, if you don\'t want me to share the exploit along with over 285.000 ADSL logins just stop this shitty bandwidth capping"


Submission + - Myelin, An Explanation for Human Intelligence (

eldavojohn writes: "What makes a homo sapien more intelligent than any other species? New research is suggesting that it's not just particular regions that give us a superior intellect nor is it the number of neurons. Instead, scientists are shifting attention away from the gray matter and focusing more on myelin, the white matter. Humans have a uniquely high ratio of myelin to gray matter. George Bartzokis, a professor of psychiatry at UCLA, suspects it's not neurons that matter so much as the quality of their connections--which theoretically is increased by myelin. From the article, 'Thanks to their layer of insulation, which prevents leakage of electrical impulses, myelinated nerve fibers can send signals about 100 times as fast as unmyelinated ones. The myelin also allows more information to be sent per second by reducing the waiting time between signals. The result is that neurons can process 3,000 times as much information as would otherwise be possible. That capacity, Bartzokis believes, is crucial for speaking and processing language.' Unfortunately myelin's quality is estimated to be 95 percent dependent on genetics although rats raised in a stimulating environment do have more white matter. This would, however, explain why children that are breast fed instead of bottle fed have on average a higher IQ as breast milk contains more omega-3 fatty acids that are used in the development of myelin. While this may not spell immediate improvement for people with normally functioning brains, it may be great news for treating/preventing Alzheimer's patients or even schizophrenics. The Technology Review is also running a pictorial overview of the last 100 years of modern neuroscience if you'd like to see how far science has come recently."
The Internet

Submission + - UK Public Opposes Internet ban for Filesharers

SirClicksalot writes: In a recent UK poll 70 percent of the people surveyed said they oppose plans to force ISPs to disconnect suspected filesharers. Only 16 percent spoke out in favor of automatic measures based on the accusation of copyright holders. Moreover, 30 percent indicated that they would be less likely to vote for a party that supports disconnection proposals.

Submission + - Did giant Indian impact kill the dinosaurs? (

An anonymous reader writes: Move aside Chicxulub; an even bigger asteroid impact in the Shiva basin, off the coast of India, may have been ground zero for the dinosaurs, a team of U.S. and Indian scientists say in a guaranteed-to-be-controversial finding.

Comment Re:Well, (Score 3, Insightful) 241

they could have just raised the price of the game and stuck it in. Would make me feel less of a sucker

But it still wouldn't change the fact that they are trying to charge extra for what should just be in the game from the start.
This isn't an expansion, this is just a side quest that has been ripped out of the game and is now sold separately.
If EA gets their way we'll soon be paying for our RPGs on a per quest basis.

Not that any of this will stop me from buying Dragon Age (although I don't think I ll buy any DLC).
Which is of course the main problem. Dragon Age already has a strong following of BG/bioware fans.
EA knows they can get away with this, the game will still be a guaranteed hit.

Comment Re:And why should they care? (Score 0, Flamebait) 441

The grandparent post said that identical scores mean identical potential, and that is utter bollocks. Two people might both be intelligent and perform well with tests. One of these might get on well with others, have good listening skills while the other is only interested in their own opinion. One may may be liked and respected by his team the other resented and ridiculed. How are these two even remotely identical?

Very True. But what makes you so sure that the person who is good at making up 500 words of bullshit is the one that will be liked and respected by his team? (especially a team composed of engineers)


Nintendo, Sony Take Big Financial Hits 119

The Installer writes with news that Nintendo is seeing a significant financial downturn to match the general slowdown in the rest of the industry. "Sales of the once unstoppable Wii console have tumbled for the first time since its launch three years ago, sending the gaming giant's quarterly profit down 61 percent." Meanwhile, Sony is feeling the pain as well; the company sold 500,000 fewer PS3 consoles than in the previous quarter, and PSP sales saw an even bigger drop. Interestingly, Sony also revealed that the manufacturing cost of the PS3 has now dropped 70% since it was released. The drop in sales has caused the resurgence of rumors about console price cuts.

Comment Re:I beg your pardon? (Score 2, Informative) 951

So "Darwinian evolution" raises a question: What's the other evolution?

Other evolutionary systems have been proposed. Before Darwin came along Lamarck formulated his own theory of evolution. The main difference with Darwinian evolution is that Lamarckian evolution supposes inheritance of characteristics acquired during the life time of the organisms. See wikipedia

Comment Re:Small Orbital Device Kills Everyone (Score 1) 769

Species migrating is natural. Viruses, bacteria, and other diseases are natural. Unless the OP is suggesting we held the Indians down and injected them with smallpox, the analogy holds.

Well they didn't injected it, but close. It also seems the British were responsible and not the U.S. From wikipedia:

Smallpox was probably first used as a biological weapon during the French and Indian Wars of 1754-1767 when British forces in North America distributed blankets that had been used by smallpox patients among them to Native Americans collaborating with the French.

This was only a single instance though. Most Native American deaths due to smallpox seem to have been unintentional.

This method also wasn't as rare as the OP seems to think. Catapulting the bodies of plague victims over the city walls during a siege was a known tactic during the middle ages.

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