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Comment Optimism/pessimism (Score 1) 348

This is going to replace the "glass half empty/glass half full" thing.

I'm from the country that spawned The Pirate Bay and the Pirate Party, and voted the latter into the European Parliament!

...not from that country that screwed The Pirate Bay over in a corrupt trial with a biased judge and started to indirectly censor them by taking down arbitrary ISPs...

Comment Re:End of an era? (Score 1) 128

It is your belief that nobody would buy books from Amazon if they could get free digital books from a user-friendly file sharing website? And as a result, people would stop writing books? That must be why iTunes Music Store is such a failure, and why Amazon has had to abandon their film sections because of The Pirate Bay. And as a result, people have stopped making music and films.
It's funny.  Laugh.

Submission + - Stevenote draws near, Keynote Bingo updated (keynote.se)

Sippan writes: "Stevenote followers have been playing "Keynote Bingo" sporadically for years, but recently there has been an application for it, made by a group of friends. It got quite popular around January's MacWorld Stevenote, after being mentioned on a bunch of high-profile Mac blogs. Now it's been updated for Monday's WWDC Stevenote, plus a Latin translation."

Comment Re:Beyond words... (Score 2, Insightful) 2661

As much as I am against the right to bear arms in principle, and I thank God we have gun control laws in this country (Sweden) it's hard not to realize that in the US, the situation is completely different. The reason there are fewer gunshot deaths here is not only that we have gun control, it's that we've had gun control since forever. The US, on the other hand, has been a nation of guns for so long that there's no way you could possibly do anything about it now. You simply could not impose gun control on America now, because there are so very many people and so very many guns, outlawing them now would have no effect.

I think the problem can't be fixed by laws, it has to come from the people. Every person who simply doesn't get a gun, is a person who is less likely to accidentally shoot himself, or snap one day and take it to his school to kill everyone, or have his kids find it and hurt themselves. If everyone would just realize that and stop being so obsessed with guns, maybe one day the problem would have reduced to a level where it could be tackled.

But it'll never happen because they are so obsessed with guns. It seems people don't even realize that it is a problem. Instead of blaming the guns, they blame poor security or the nutjob who did it. Guess what, we have extremely poor security here in Sweden. We don't have metal detectors at my university, or even some sort of card required to enter the buildings, any madman with five rifles under his overcoat could walk right into the school at any time and shoot everyone!! But that's never happened. And we have nutjobs here, too! One of the most widely reported Swedish nutjobs recently was a guy who snapped and drove a car at 60 miles per hour through a pedestrian precinct full of people. How many people died again? Oh, 2. If he'd had a gun instead of a car? Not 2.

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