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Comment Re:Good for them (Score 1) 73

I'm a bit more than a casual gamer, having built my last two PCs, and I do completely understand your point of view.

That being said, but my friend who has just about as much interest in gaming, and only owns an Xbox 360 and a netbook, was able to try the free demos in OnLive. Within 5 minutes of mentioning it to him he was already playing a recent, current-gen game that looked fantastic on his (small for my taste) screen. Sure, there was a little input lag, and the video quality was still not perfect, but honestly I was really blown away almost to the point of being giddy about the possibilities this could present.

That is their target demographic.

GSA Signs Deals For Agencies To Use Social Media 14

An anonymous reader writes "Agencies can now engage with citizens through popular media technologies such as video-sharing service YouTube, using pre-negotiated service agreements that comply with federal terms and conditions. After nine months of negotiations, the General Services Administration signed agreements with four video-sharing and social networking sites: Flickr, Vimeo, and YouTube. GSA also is negotiating with the social networking sites Facebook and MySpace. 'We found when we reviewed standard service agreements that they were not a good enough fit for the [requirements] of the federal government,' said Michael Ettner, GSA general counsel."

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