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Comment Re:makes sense (Score 1) 776

Is better reading comprehension supposed to help me magically work out your unsourced statistics and thereby find myself in agreement with your conclusion?

By the way, not counting the opinions of political criminals and radical dissidents, the PRC has the highest citizen satisfaction rating, and is therefore obviously the best place in the world to live.

Comment Re:Displeased Environmentalists (Score 1) 198

Using solar to preheat the water instead of more coal to preheat it just admits that solar is a more effective tech for generating energy than coal is.

That's ludicrous. Does using lithium-ion battery packs instead of gas in cars admit that lithium-ion is a more effective tech for storing energy than gasoline is?

(It's not, in case if you're puzzled by the analogy.)

Comment Re:A Waste? (Score 1) 309

And also completely wrong!

I'll admit that it was a momentarily amusing thought with no solid base, and that there are obviously a thousand other factors involved, but you're actually the one that's completely wrong.

If the US has the highest murder rate (which is the assumption you are basing this "proportion" on), then all countries with lower (or zero) execution rates (ie. the overwhelming majority (>90%) of countries in the world) would have lower murder rates.

Are you suggesting that they all have... higher murder rates instead? Does Slashdot not understand basic mathematical relationships anymore?

Inversely proportional means one stat goes up as the other goes down. The US has a higher homicide rate and a lower execution rate than the other four countries, therefore the relationship between homicide rate and execution rate is inversely proportional. This place used to have math nerds...

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