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Comment Many Many improvements possible... (Score 0) 154

China, Japan, and Korea all have better internet service than the USA. Some part of India, Europe, Russia and Brazil as well. For starters, the internet could be revamped to: - offer security to the users, choking off hacks and threats in transit instead of at the desktop or at the handheld - be more resilient, designed to withstand major outages without loss of service to anyone - be more accessible and more useful, sure, TCP/IP is ubiquitous, however, it leaves much to be desired as a protocol - integrate with phone, tv, radio media by law, anything on the "public airwaves" being required to also be on the "public internet" - treat business use as a guest instead of as an owner - businesses do NOT own the internet, and never should - treat government use as a guest instead of as an owner - government should NOT own the internet, the people should own it - by law, require all government meetings to be posted on the internet, transmitted live, and to accept discourse from the voting public - government utube plus live transmission plus interaction with the voters - by law, require all product recalls, safety issues, hazards, storm warnings, flood warnings, wildfire notices etc etc to be posted on the internet in an easily accessible and publicly available way (structured, easy to find, maintained, current to the minute) - by law, require that any pleas for assistance, from hurricane or other disaster relief efforts to simple local church calls for volunteering be posted on the internet - IF any claim of offset or tax deduction is made by anyone regarding the publication or distribution of such calls for assistance or volunteering (TV and Radio get tax breaks for broadcasting such; I say require these broadcasts to be simultaneously made on the internet AND stored for posterity) There are lots of other ways the Internet can be enhanced. Some local. Some world-wide. In truth, the Internet is as much in it's infancy as mainframe computers were in the mid-1950's, when no one dared believe desktop or portable computers that are commonplace today, and cheap, would ever be possible at anything like the quality and value that exists today.

Comment Re:Tongue in cheek to the submitter (Score 0) 145

Rather than just say "untrue" show me a link, say, to India's Government Site on Immigration and Control. Show me a link, something with in it, that supports your "untrue" statement. I looked. Couldnt find it. Presumably it doesnt exist. I know a heck of alot of Chinese citizens would love to come to India and work for cheap. heh.

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