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Comment Robot-Sex , Male competition , Hynotizing Females (Score 1) 564

Our "intelligence" is vastly overrated compared to our self-maintenance and repair

Especially when this "intelligence" is not even a proven mandatory requirement for survival

Start with machine-based self-maintenance on the order of the human body

When you have reached that pointed , THEN you are able to establish some real machine-based learning via trial-and-error

And then again , how do you program for self-modification ?

Robot-Sex , Male competition , Hypnotizing Females ...


Comment Re:probabilities? (Score 1) 238

4) The government uses their military to take what they need , then handles out IOU's for it
5) They try to inflate the value out of it by favoring those that can "store a.k.a decirculate" the most IOU's and making these exceptions the norm , thereby reducing the "perceived" value .This means that the "top 1%" will allways need to be "reduced" ad infinitum
6) Those that see through this don't matter if they do or don't comply , the only question is : DO YOU LIKE THE PAPERWORK ?

Comment How do you validate a thinking war computer ? (Score 1) 192

The brain has evolved around the interplay between sensory input and motory activation.
Computers have neither.

So it's thinking would be a whole different class.

So its upon humans to decide upon the input and the desired output.

This would only make sense if you aim for an output that cannot humanly be predicted from its input.

So the output would be an unknown

How do you then verify the validity of such an output ?

You can't , apart from crosschecking with a similar setup.

But the interpretation of this output must be verified in real life .

So the only way to validate a thinking war computer would be to start that war.

And for some that would be the desired output , only to be decided upon by politicians.

Yet the politician is then not allowed to trust upon the computer data for obvious reasons of indepence


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