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Comment Re:More ripping off the taxpayer (Score 1) 379

Dear Assbucket; 1) How dare we enforce our laws and lock people up! We lock up the most people (legally) because you can't/won't count the dictatorships or countries that lock their citizens up for heinous crimes like insulting mohammed or the current leader. 2) We're the richest country in the world and take great care to provide our people as much (or as little) as they care to eat. Most likely, your asshole country's citizens as well. 3) So we have freedom to make the wrong choice. That's a bad thing? 4) We have more free time to waste whatever way we choose to. Beats the hell out of working 16 hours a day. 5) There's that damned freedom thing again. We may have more drug laws than other countries as well. 6) More people and more cars, too. More crime because we're too cheap to pay for more cops or use the militia as a police force? Maybe. 7) See above. More people, less cops. Also, I would conjecture that we have more accurate and public reporting of crimes. 8) See above. Damn, this is getting repetitive. 9) Okay, this is stupid. Biggest country, most people, freedom, best and most open reporting of activity. 10) More than Russia? China? Really? Wow, Obama's full employment campaign must be working. 11) Yes, we do! And have the healthiest, longest lived population in history. If you discount all of those pesky traffic accidents, homicides, farm and other accidents. If you speak only about health matters, we win hands down. 12) As opposed to the most people suffering curable afflictions? 13) Really? We can afford 'em. It's that damned pesky healthcare system that supports giving us drugs to cure just about any real or imagined ill. If you can afford it, you can have it. If you can't afford it, the damned government will probably take more of my money and give them to you anyway. 14) And more students, too. Even idiots like you who should never be allowed to go to school can attend university here. And get a loan to do it. Which you probably will default on and I will end up having to pay through higher fees. 15) Go USA! Big business. If you object to it, don't look at it. Hey, did you know that the countries with the most stringent anti-gay laws have the highest viewership of online gay porn? 16) That means we buy the shit you make. Hence we fund your economy and your ability to blather on in internet forums. Does that really bother you? Would you prefer that we didn't buy from you? Maybe you could sell to Cuba. 17) The US maintains the most modern military structure in the world, not the biggest. Being the best costs money. We spend less on defense than we spend giving free colonoscopies to illegal immigrants and feeding third world assholes, who watch internet gay porn. 18) Yes more military bases around the world. We spend more on our military so Europe and Japan don't have to bother with spending on theirs. How about if we all just pick up our toys and go home. And take all of our jobs and local economy expenditures with us? How about if you pick up the tab for your own defense? 19) Is that somehow your business? If you are an American citizen, I suggest you move since you obviously do not like it here. 20) Yup. More national debt from giving freebies to everyone in sight. Since Obama took office the national debt has tripled and no end in sight. Free student loans for liberal arts students! Free healthcare for all! Free housing for people too stupid to get an education! Free food for people who would rather work the system than a job. And here's a free one for you: 21) the singular most powerful, richest country in the world in less than 200 years. A country that kept the Soviets from waltzing all over Europe after we kicked Hitler's ass and flattened Japan. A country that makes China think twice before annexing Japan and Korea. A country where people are still free to do what they want to do, where and when they want to do it. A place where even our "poor" own houses, drive cars, have TV, AC, and phones and are fatter than the rich people in most countries because they eat too much.

Comment Re:police observation, not espionage (Score 1) 179

Yes, my thoughts exactly. It is pretty commonplace to use surveillance devices such as this in situations involving serious on-going criminal activity. In the US, we disguise them as transformer boxes, cell tower junction boxes, and a wide variety of other things that are commonly referred to as "pole-cams." This is remarkably effective in areas where the criminals use counter-surveillance and where in person surveillance is all but impossible.

Comment Re:But (Score 1) 294

Interesting. Do you make a product or do you work for someone? If you make a product, do you give it away? Do you charge "just enough" to cover what it costs to make that product and a penny or two or do you price your product at what the market will bear? If you own a company, do you give your profits to random people, who have less than you? Do you for go profits and invest all of the money you earned by someone else's labor in social programs for inner city drop outs who were too smart to go to the man's school? Do you stay in one place for your adult, working life or do you move to find a better location where you make more money, have less taxes and a community more to your liking? But aren't those the same things you would deny a corporation - which is nothing but a conglomeration of individuals who seek a common goal? I submit that you seek a utopian world without bothering to ponder either the unintended consequences or your actions or the end result. You simply blame those who succeeded where you haven't, whether by luck or skill.

Comment Re:Is this for real? (Score 1) 310

Government? Repubs? Dems? Damn man, a government is just like a corporation. It is a contrived entity made up of very, very fallible people who are in it for their own benefit. Why do you believe that they should pay more attention to your interests than their own? Are you really that special. Government is a necessary thing but it must be watched and constrained by the people at all times, lest it get carried away with its own particular insular beliefs.

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