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Comment Udacity Nanodegree (Score 1) 123

If you really want to be employable then I recommend getting a nanodegree in Machine Learning through Udacity. One of the things that makes their program stand out is that they use project based learning. Upon completion you have projects that you can present to perspective employers.

Comment Go Aereo! (Score 3, Insightful) 147

The cable companies simply want to put Aereo out of business using whatever means necessary. The SCOTUS ruling might actually be a blessing in disguise. If they can legally be classified as a cable company, and therefore obtain a compulsory license to the content, they will be able to rearchitect their entire system to make it more efficiently able to serve a large number of customers. Even after paying for the compulsory license I believe they will still be able to keep the costs way down and provide a great and inexpensive service to their users.

Comment Create a work/study program (Score 1) 253

Tech skills are in high demand so it makes sense that large tech companies will begin targeting high schoolers. Having a college degree is not necessary, however it would prove incredibly useful in the long run.... especially as one tries to advance their career or move to a different company. The solution for these large companies is to come up with a work/study program so that these young tech workers have the opportunity to attain a college degree while working at the company. This works out advantageous to both the company and the employee; the company gets a skilled college-educated worker and the employee gets a college education. Furthermore, if the company pays for the program then the young employee doesn't need to take out any loans to pay for the exorbitant cost of college... making it a win/win! A little background on myself; I attained my Bachelors degree as a full-time student and when I entered the job market I was able to negotiate into my hiring contract that my employer would cover my Masters degree as I continue my education part-time. This worked out great as I am currently taking my final course and will have my Masters at the end of August.

Comment What happens when... (Score 1) 213

...someone figures out how to send a brake command to other people's bikes from a laptop? Even better yet, just send the brake command to people's front brakes... flipping them over when they least expect it! I imagine sitting by the window in a coffee shop while all the bikers who attempt to ride by are in for quite a surprise.

Zynga and Blizzard Sued Over Game Patent 179

eldavojohn writes "Thinking about developing a game involving a 'database driven online distributed tournament system?' Well, you had better talk to Walker Digital or risk a lawsuit, because Walker Digital claims to have patented that 'invention' back in 2002. The patent in question has resulted in some legal matters for the makers of 'Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 1 and 2, Call of Duty: Black Ops, Call of Duty: World at War, Blur, Wolfenstein, DJ Hero 2, Golden Eye 007, World of Warcraft and its expansions, Mafia Wars, and many others.' Walker Digital (parent company of said it's not sure how much damages are going to be, and requested that through discovery in the court. If you think Walker Digital is not a patent troll, check out their lawsuit from two months ago against Facebook for using privacy controls Walker Digital claims to have patented. It would seem that any online competitive game that uses a database to select and reward contestants in a tournament could potentially fall under this patent — of course, those with the deepest coffers will be cherrypicked first."

Comic Sales Soar After Artist Engages 4chan Pirates 305

An anonymous reader writes "Steve Lieber, the artist behind the graphic novel Underground, discovered that someone on 4chan had scanned and posted the entire comic. Rather than complaining, he joined the conversation, chatting with the 4channers about the comic... and the next day he saw his sales jump to unheard-of levels, much higher than he'd seen even when the comic book was reviewed on popular sites like Boing Boing."

Comment Re:In my case: cordless surround sound speakers (Score 1) 499

I have the same situation with my own surround sound system. It is highly plausible that the posters neighbor comes home and watches TV at night and unknowingly causes all his neighbors WIFI networks to come down. I live in a condo and only use my surround sound system to watch movies now because of this bug.

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