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Journal Journal: Hacking WEP Networks

Hello all!

I'm currently trying to learn to crack a WEP network! Currently install the packages on a laptop that i have installed with Ubuntu 10.10! With this hopefully i can get much better with using the terminal.

Comment Getting Sued? (Score 0) 350

Why is it that Zuckerberg is continually getting sued out of his ass? There really isn't a reason, He has created one of the most powerful social tools in the history of man kind. What do people try and do? Pull him back down into the shitter. Haters gunna Hate. No one. No one, can deny how much good Facebook has done for the world. Only the assholes who ruin it, talk down.
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Journal Journal: New to SlashDot

Hello all!

Im new to Slashdot, but i am hoping that it will become part of my daily internet usage, and that i will continue to use it. And even maybe you all will get lucky and i will post some storys!


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