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Submission + - Kickstarter: Record Chopin on 1832 Pleyel under Creative Commons (

rDouglass writes: Frédéric Chopin's favorite piano was the Pleyel — it is the instrument he played and heard while composing his pieces. Unfortunately, finding Creative Commons photos, recordings, and video of Pleyel pianos is very difficult. Kimiko Ishizaka, the pianist behind the Open Goldberg Variations, is raising money via Kickstarter to record Chopin's 24 Préludes on an 1832 Pleyel piano with all of its original parts, and to release the recording, video, and photos with a Creative Commons license.

Submission + - "Open Well-Tempered Clavier" Project Completes: Score and Recording Online (

rDouglass writes: Open source music notation software MuseScore, and pianist Kimiko Ishizaka, have completed the Open Well-Tempered Clavier project and released a new studio recording and digital score online, under the Creative Commons Zero (CC0, public domain) license. Their previous project, the Open Goldberg Variations (2012), has shown its cultural significance by greatly enhancing the article on J.S. Bach's work, and by making great progress in supplying musical scores that are accessible to the visually impaired and the blind. The recording has also received very positive early reviews by music critics. Over 900 fans of J.S. Bach financed this project on, where a total of $44,083 was raised.

Submission + - The Pirate Party now the biggest party in Iceland (

jrepin writes: The Pirate Party now measures as the largest political party in Iceland, according to a new servey from the Icelandic market and research company MMR which regularly surveyes the support for the political parties in Iceland. Support for political parties and the government was surveyed in the period between the 13thand 18th of March. The results show that The Pirate Party has gained increased support. Now, support for The Pirate Party totals 23.9%, compared to their previous 12.8% in the last MMR survey.

Comment Re:The Story of the Wolves and Sheep. (Score 1) 360

Farmer Bill, on the other hand, saw an opportunity to turn this into a feature that could protect his sheep and draw some sheep from other farms, since so many sheep jumped his fence to go to the nicer pastures of Firefox Ranch and Chrome Acres.

You're saying that IE having DNT on by default is a feature that could win users over from other browsers. However, if a user is aware of and cares about DNT, they would never switch to IE just because it's enabled there by default. It's easier to just enable it in their existing browser than it is to switch to another browser that has it on by default.

Also, yes, the idea of advertisers voluntarily respecting a flag like this is ludicrous, but it's in their best interests to do it. The alternative for them is technical measures like adblock that completely cut them out of the picture. However, I think their historical behaviour implies that they do whatever they can get away with, so any measure that relies on voluntary good behaviour from them is destined to fail.

Comment Re:Vaporware or crapware? (Score 1) 73

I have to say, having scrolled through all of these negative comments, I really feel for you for trying to respond to so many of them without losing your head. Not all of us readers feel the need to put down the little guy just because you got some attention on Slashdot. I'm saddened that so many are taking the time to do this instead of just skipping over the article.

Comment Re:Qt and open source (Score 3, Informative) 278

For clarity regarding the original post, this means that Qt has been freely available for commercial use for the last few years.The LGPL is the same license that is used by glibc on Linux, so if you release commercial software for Linux, you will be using LGPL code anyway unless you deliberately avoid it. Unless you statically link an LGPL-licensed library, the licensing requirements are pretty easy to fulfill.

Comment Re:Adds new import to the phrase "keep off the gra (Score 1) 126

You wouldn't just tax energy usage, you'd cut something similar, like sales taxes, in exchange for the tax increase, and then explain to the public that it's really an opportunity to lower their taxes if they use energy more efficiently (i.e. find and replace inefficient appliances, and shift as much usage as possible into off-peak hours). It would still get stiff resistance from anyone in the energy supply chain, but that's pretty standard for public politics.

Comment Re:Amarok 1.4.6 For life (Score 1) 152

Yeah, I should have changed the wording there to be slightly less flattering, considering that last time I needed to put music on an iPod ("I'm telling you, it's not mine! Those things aren't my bag, baby!"), I ended up using RhythmBox. Clementine's support for it was pretty broken.

Comment Re:Prior art (Score 1) 434

I started reading this thread hoping for actual examples of prior art, but the examples people are mentioning aren't actually prior art (or infringing) unless they do everything in one of the independent claims, including stuff like "modifying the corresponding application user interface to include a switch application icon that is not displayed in the corresponding application user interface when there is no ongoing phone call". I'd still love to see examples of prior art, but it looks like it's fairly easy to work around this patent.

In the future, it may be useful to read the following or something equivalent:
Andrew Tridgell on Patent Defence for FOSS Developers

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