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Submission + - HTML5 Mobile apps that work?

Simon (S2) writes: We are in the middle of a new project where we need to publish a new mobile app. We are a team of pretty good js web devs, so we went with the (for us) obvious choice of cordova + jQuery Mobile.

We implemented a prototype with most of the features we would like to use in our finished product, and the app does what it has to, but animations are very slow, and using the app just feels "wrong".

Should we ditch jQM and switch to something else? Has anyone of you experience in building a Hybrid app with HTML + JS with any framework where the result was a bit better than acceptable?

Comment Apple lost in Dutch court, not the opposite (Score 5, Informative) 195

No matter what alarmists will tell you, net result is:

        Samsung can continue to sell current Galaxy phones and must provide a trivial change to the picture gallery in the next 7 weeks.
        Samsung can continue to sell the Gaöaxy Tab.
        Apple has LOST all design and copyright related claims.
        Apple has LOST the infringement claim on one patent and the court deemed a third patent broken anyway. [cache]

Comment Blocking with DNS does not work (Score 1) 170

A fake DNS record, or a NX domain for would be easily circumvented simply by using opendns, the google dns, or any other DNS server out there.
Firewalling the IP is much more secure.
Sure, one could use a proxy, tor or an SSH tunnel to some box outside of the firewall, but that's much more work.
Not that I think that censoring sites is a good idea, just discussing the technical details.

Red Hat Software

Submission + - OMG, RED HAT FORKS LINUX (

Simon (S2) writes: Dave Jones writes on his blog: "Working on an update kernel for Fedora 15, rebasing from 2.6.38 to 3.0.
As we know a bunch of userspace packages need updating to deal with the 2.6 -> 3.x transition, we made a decision to ship 3.0, but call it 2.6.40 rather than ship a ton of updates, and risk breaking other code that we don't ship."

Comment Re:Sad ... (Score -1, Troll) 136

"Most people do not use this project" when everyone doing Android development indirectly uses it.

Google should pay up for J2ME if they want to use Java on Android, or invent their own language (they should use Go on android if they don't want to pay for a Java license).
And exactly as the parent sad, This has nothing to do with Apache's wonderful libraries.

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