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Comment Re:Pfft. (Score 1) 308

I used to have nightmares all the time when I was a kid. But instead of myself being the one attacked and killed it was my family. I started to realize when I was dreaming and commit suicide. After hundreds of suicides I learned to wake myself up without killing myself, and then my control increased from there. Now if something kills a family member I just rez them and go somewhere else.

Comment Worked for me when I was young. (Score 1) 1345

I was basically unschooled until I was 6. I was multiplying, doing long division, and reading Goosebumps by the time I was 5. When I was 6 I started straight up homeschooling, and now I'm 15 starting AP Calc AB, and my second year of Physics. My writing is admittedly quite awful unless I have an interest in what I'm writing, but when I care about it I get plenty of compliments. But what's best for me isn't best for everyone. I'm sure public school would have slowed my learning, while my sister thrived because of the high level of social interaction. Different strokes for different folks.

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