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Comment Radiation for 6-9 months (Score 4, Interesting) 244

"Banri Kaieda spoke to reporters on Sunday shortly after Tokyo Electric Power Company presented a road map to cool down the reactors and significantly reduce radiation leaks in 6 to 9 months" It's only 6 to 9 months no big deal right? "Radiation levels measured between the double doors of those reactor buildings was 270 millisieverts in the Number One reactor, 12 in Number 2, and 10 in Number 3. The radiation level detected at the Number One reactor exceeds the national exposure limit of 250 millisieverts for nuclear contract workers." Three reactors melting down and at least one breached , plus several tons of waste fuels rods that have melted or blown away and are still currently boiling off, plutonium found around the plant on the ground , not to mention the dumping of highly radioactive water into the ocean for over a month but no big deal right? If you have a mind to look behind the curtain

Comment Mox and extra control rods (Score 1) 560

From what information is available it appears that the Fukushima plant changed to Mox (partial plutonium, "as a way to get rid of "surplus" weapons grade Pu) rods last year( and according to the EE times it was amidst protests from locals including the Mayor.. ), I am curious if anyone here knows if the plant was sufficiently upgraded to handle the higher neutron absorption and lower thermal conductivity of using plutonium in a reactor that was designed for uranium. At the least one would figure that it would need more control rods. Given the massive plume of Xe-133 ( a neutron absorber ) released 3-20/21-2011( , go the bottom of the page) one has to wonder if part of the problem stemmed from all the cascading disasters and then a dearth of control rods ... It may explain why the boric acid had utility at teh beginning Perhaps simply not putting "surplus" weapons grade plutoniun mox into older reactor cores located on fault lines and then crossing ones fingers is something that could be considered forward thinking technology

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