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Comment Re:They do, but it's stupid. (Score 1) 213

It's not 3.5kW. It's during the day more like 9 average. In summer, lots more than that. If the factory shuts down during the night, then in summer, it is considerably better than 3.5kW. (but plastering those same solar panels onto the roof would work considerably better still)

30,000 KWh over a year (8760 Hrs) is an AVERAGE of 3.42 Kw. May be PEAK of 9Kw (We don't know, all we know is it 30MWh/yr).

Comment Turn port scan detection off (Score 1) 265

Turn port scan detection off, its not on by defualt for a reason ! I look after several UTM 9's if I left portscan detection on I'd have thousands of emails a day. Its a fact of life today that you get scanned, make sure you do not open more ports than you need to and the backend servers are secure. Then forget about it.

Comment Re:No NAT??? (Score 1) 265

Seriously? People still assign public IP's directly to PC's? Get a router. use NAT. these "Port Scans" (which may well not be port scans at all) shouldn't be making it anywhere near a PC in the first place.

Seriously, did you research before posting ? UTM 9 IS a router and does NAT it is not a "PC"

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