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Comment False advertising? (Score 3, Insightful) 92

Shouldn't the FCC (or other government-run agency) shut down this site for blatant false advertising?

No dating/hookup sits should have fembots or fake profiles just to lure men in. Every profile should have a real, paying person behind it. Period. Anything else is simply false advertisement.

Comment Businesses need to stop expecting the impossible (Score 1) 496

Shouldn't it be at this point that the government steps in and forces the businesses to hire people who may not be trained, but has the educational background to prove that they can be?

It's like the businesses expect people to have a 10+ year degree in a field that's only 2 yrs old, and offer piss-poor wages for it.

Sorry, that's not how the world works.

Comment Simply penalize the company (Score 3, Interesting) 259

Simply make it a financial cost to the company for sending any e-mail to employees after work hours.

1 e-mail is instantly considered 4 hours of overtime pay. 2 is equal to 8, and so on.

If the employer doesn't want to pay the overtime, then they don't send e-mails. Period.

And the ISP's and servers have records of the e-mails being sent, so they can't deny it either.

Comment Not really a 'complete' review (Score 1) 174

It's not a complete review by any stretch.

All it says for Netflix is that it's 'flawless'. What about some details behind that? does it do HD properly? Does it output 5.1 surround sound?

Also, they didn't go through any really good playback reviews. Like..does it have the power to play blu-ray rips in mkv? Does it output 5.1 surround sound? Can it output DTS-HD/Tru HD?

To me (and probably others) This kind of information is VITAL.

Comment Needs to function on it's own (Score 1) 97

The one thing which the iWatch must have is the ability to function *on it's own*. If it 'needs' to be paired up with an iPhone in order to be useful, it's completely dead in the water and useless.

The iWatch should be simple: display time, date, fitness apps and music. It shouldn't need to be fed data from an iPhone to look at messages or texts.

It should also have a headphone jack, it shouldn't rely on bluetooth audio.

Comment Block sites? (Score 0) 198

IF ISP's can block certain websites, then why are they now blocking the more disgusting sites out there like child porn sites, or sites similar? I would think that the government would want to eliminate those from the face of the earth before wasting their time on trying to block music and movie pirating sites..

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