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Comment On Verizon Wireless (Score 2) 282

When a phone is reported lost or stolen the MEID and the SIM card # are added to a list and cannot be used on the VZW network. Often though the first thing a

competent thief will due is turn the phone off preventing any GPS locating software to track the phone. The phone will either be sold to a person who does not

check the MEID # (and when they try and do an ESN change will be told the phone is on the lost stolen list and to please take the phone into a VZW Corp. store.)

Or they take the phone someplace like Cricket and they will flash the phone to work on the Cricket network. Another option is the phone will be parted out.

Comment Re:Don't worry - be happy! It's only metadata! (Score 1) 568

The article says that Verizon telecommunications (landline/internet) was the company handing out the meta data. Verizon and Verizon wireless are 2 separate company's. The pre paid is a spin off as well.

There is no confirmation that Verizon wireless has handed out any meta call data to date. That being said I would imagine that all telecommunications company's have handed over everything the government has asked for in my opinion.

Comment Mo Money! (Score 1) 106

What is needed is more money, much more money. Only money can solve this problem. They need a new tax on all cell phones like the e911 tax. Once we have collected a few tens of billions of dollars will they be able to address this issue.
Do not worry about the cost though as I am certain right around election time a graph will show up explaining how this system will have saved us money due to the reduction in crime.

Money well spent!

Of course they will never have enough money so maybe more taxes and people will solve the problem. All of the money collected will of course go into the general fund and be allocated for more important things, hence always needing more money.

Comment Re:I call bullshit (Score 2) 590

To get a restraining order in most states you see a magistrate and fill out some paper work. The restraining order is issued de facto and is a civil order. A person does not have to do anything to "deserve" a restraing order. No proof of anything is required to get one. Just say you fear the other person and get a restraining order.
Restraining orders are a wonderful tool to do an illegal eviction and steal the other persons possesions and keep any rent and security depost.

Comment 4G roll out (Score 1) 170

When you look at how fast Veizon has been rolling out the 4G coverage the arguement that carries will not upgrade their networks losses some steam. The incentive right now is to push as many customers onto the 4G network as fast as possible. Double data deals if you upgrade your device to 4G are going on right now at Verizon.
I suspect that 3G users will be pinched as service "degrades" over time just like carriers did when digital towers were replacing analog.

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